New AEW TNT Champion Crowned On AEW Dynamite! (Spoilers)


New AEW TNT Champion Crowned On AEW Dynamite! (Spoilers)

The match pitted champion Miro against challenger Sammy Guevara.

Well, the challenger ended Miro’s dominant near six month reign!

Well the strap revert back to the championship bely of old or another color?

Time will tell.

Here’s the recap of the Dynamite match from AEW.

Main Event Time!

For the TNT Championship!

TNT Champion Miro vs. “Spanish God” Sammy Guevara!

Sammy tried a running knee strike but Miro took him off his feet and stomped him on the sternum. Miro stomped on Sammy’s ankle. Sammy fired back but Miro shouldered him hard to the mat. Miro took Sammy’s necklace and began choking him with it. Sammy threw his body at Miro and took him over the top rope to the arena floor! Sammy rammed Miro’s head on the steel ring steps!

Sammy got caught by Miro and Miro tossed Sammy halfway across the ring!

“Sammy’s getting grounded. No highflying now,” said Jim Ross.

Sammy attempted another running knee strike but Miro grabbed him and flipped him with a released German suplex! Miro charged at Sammy but Sammy countered with a Spanish fly, planting Miro on his head! Sammy charged at Miro with a knee strike!

“The champ is in trouble,” said CM Punk.

Miro began to stomp his feet and went for a kick but Sammy ducked it! Sammy retaliated with a quick thrust kick! Miro rocked Sammy with a right to the side of Sammy’s head. Sammy headbutted Miro off the turnbuckles and connected with a cutter! Sammy tried to hoist up Miro for the GTH but Miro escaped and nearly knocked off Sammy’s head with a kick!

Miro grew frustrated and ripped off the top turnbuckle pads from each corner. Fuego Del Sol sprinted down and tried to stop Miro but Miro knocked Fuego off the apron! Fuego bought his friend Sammy enough time to mount a comeback on Miro, pushing Miro’s head into the exposed turnbuckle! Sammy followed up with a tornado DDT!

Sammy picked up Miro and connected with the GTH! Sammy followed up with the 630 senton and pinned Miro!

And new TNT Champion “Spanish God” Sammy Guevara!!!

What did you think of the match?

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