DC Comics & Detective Comics #1043 Spoilers & Review: Will Mayor Nakano Look At Batman Differently Now? Plus Where Is The Promised Fear State?


DC Comics and Detective Comics #1043 Spoilers and Review follows.

Will Mayor Nakano Look At Batman Differently Now?

Plus Where Is The Promised Fear State?

The book opens with a disagreement between Mayor Nakano and Simon Saint over handing all of policing over to the Magistrate Program.

It’s a discussion that doesn’t end well and later…

…a new character Nero XIX attacks the Mayor!

He escapes and is apprehended seemingly by Nero XIX’s goons as…

…Batman and the Mayor try to find out who they work for.

They do capture the Mayor and Batman stops them and we see, presumably, the Nero XIX symbol on the top of their van; a red crown.

The man story ends with Batman and the Mayor separated…

…with Mayor Nakano ending up…

…discovering Vile’s offspring?!

The back-up story sets up new series Task Force Z as Red Hood is stealthy recruited by the FBI, by making it look like he was arrested, to lead a new team of zombies.

Task Force Z #1 lands on shelves on October 26, 2021.

The Pulse:

The main story was intriguing and would have been a solid read on its own merits, on story and art, but since it was branded a Fear State tie-in I expected an actually tie-in. The Fear Stateness of this book is that happens in Gotham City as Fear State is happening; that was disappointing. The back-up was “ok”; meh. Not intrigued by a Suicide Squad of zombies, but the Z’s are big draws now. 5.5 out of 10.

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