DC Comics & Batman #114 Spoilers & Review: Fear State Chaos?!


DC Comics and Batman #114 Spoilers and Review follows.

Fear State Chaos?!

Scarecrow gets upper hand!

While Simon Saint sees his world crumble!

Miracle Molly is shielded in Eden by Queen Poison Ivy and she figures out how and what Scarecrow is doing.

Elsewhere Simon Saint pits Peacekeeper-X against Peacekeeper-01…

…the latter who is under the influence of the Scarecrow.

They fight…

…causing Simon Saint to have all the Peacekeepers of the Magistrate Program descend on Peackeeper-01.

Batman enters the fray attacking Peacekeeper-X and…

…challenging Simon Saint believing this attack on Peacekeeper-01 is an effort to destroy evidence on his complicity and that he’s in cahoots with the Scarecrow.

The full force of the Magistrate Program is now focused on Batman.

At the same time, Peacekeeper-01 attacks…


…seemingly killing him and leaving Simon Saint to feel all he can do is…

…kill of his his Peacekeepers?!

The main story ends with Miracle Molly confronting Batman ready to reveal what she believes Scarecrow is doing and how he’s doing it.

The book ends with a Clownhunter back-up tale.

The Pulse:

The main story has some solid art including intrigue and action on the story side. Really felt like a movie blockbuster. The back-up was fun. 8 out of 10.

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