Why CBS Did Not Hype Mark Harmon’s Last Episode As An NCIS Series Lead & Regular Cast Member?!


Why CBS Did Not Hype Mark Harmon’s Last Episode As An NCIS Series Lead and Regular Cast Member?!

Plus What’s Next For Gary Cole?

MSN reports.

…At Harmon’s request, CBS made no special promotion of the occasion, a muted departure for an industry that has never been shy about hawking the movements of big stars.

That may partly be because Harmon, 70, hasn’t ruled out the possibility of an occasional return…

While actor Gary Cole has joined the NCIS cast, he has been playing FBI Special Agent Alden Park, it has been noted he is not “replacing” the character of Gibbs.

However, the last episode that saw Gibbs leave NCIS and stay in Alaska also saw Park fired by the FBI for refusing to play ball in testifying against and arresting Gibbs over a small infraction in the preceding episode.

Now Agent Park is free to join the NCIS team if that are the creative plans for the Gibbs less NCIS team.

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