Marvel Comics & Immortal Hulk #50 Spoilers: Series Finale’s 11 Final Pages & 11 Variant Covers!

Marvel Comics and Immortal Hulk #50 Spoilers follows.

Series Finale’s 11 Final Pages and 11 Variant Covers!

The main story begins with the main cover above and ended with the creator credits page below.

This over-sized 75 page story was wrapped in 11 variant covers.

The first variant above is one teasing the new ongoing adjectiveless Hulk series; the remaining variants follow.

Plus, here are the last 11 pages of story of this mammoth 75 page issue.

This psychological terror and horror take on the Hulk has been popular, but Marvel goes back to basics and beyond with a new Hulk series beginning with Hulk #1.

We got a taste of what’s to come in Marvel’s FCBD 2021 effort spotlighting the new issue (full spoilers here).

Hulk #1 lands in stores on November 10, 2021.

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