Ahead Of Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 Debut, Veil Over Gap Years Between Season 2 & 3 Lifted!

Ahead Of Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 Debut, Veil Over Gap Years Between Season 2 and 3 Lifted!

Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 launches on November 18, 2021.

Well, in stores NOW is a tie-in trade paperback that reveals what happened during the missing years between Season 2 and 3 when the Discovery leapfrogged over both The Original Series and The Next Generation eras to a farther future.

S&S describes it as follows.

Star Trek: Discovery: Wonderlands
Book #7 of Star Trek: Discovery
By Una McCormack

An all-new novel based upon the explosive Star Trek TV series!

In a desperate attempt to prevent the artificial intelligence known as Control from seizing crucial information that could destroy all sentient life, Commander Michael Burnham donned the “Red Angel” time-travel suit and guided the USS Discovery into the future and out of harm’s way. But something has gone terribly wrong, and Burnham has somehow arrived in a place far different from anything she could have imagined—more than nine hundred years out of her time, with Discovery nowhere to be found, and where the mysterious and cataclysmic event known as “the Burn” has utterly decimated Starfleet and, with it, the United Federation of Planets. How then can she possibly exist day-to-day in this strange place? What worlds are out there waiting to be discovered? Do any remnants of Starfleet and the Federation possibly endure? With more questions than answers, Burnham must nevertheless forge new friendships and new alliances if she hopes to survive this future long enough for the Discovery crew to find her….

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