Marvel Comics & X-Men: Trial Of Magneto #3 Spoilers & Review: Is THIS The Real Scarlet Witch?!

Marvel Comics and X-Men: Trial Of Magneto #3 Spoilers and Review follows. 

Is THIS The Real Scarlet Witch?!

In addition to the main cover above the issue has a few variant covers below.

The book includes a storyline catch-up, dramatis personae and creators credits page.

The compelling parts of the issue involve Scarlet Witch – the alleged murder victim now alive – who…

…has some of her earliest memories intact, but…

…not her more recent memories.

She gets help from the X-Men’s telepaths to share what she’s missing and…

…boy do they.

The threat before the X-Men involve 3 giant monsters, but at the same time Scarlet Witch is whisked elsewhere.

She is supposed to spin a wheel of reincarnation or somesuch…

…yet how will that work out…

…with chaos magic involved?

The book ends with the Scarlet Witch being confronted by Old Lady Scarlet Witch from the future?!

The Pulse:

Doctor Strange is dying or dead in his mini-series and a younger self returns to find out who killed his older self. Here, another powerful magician, returns to life with only early days memories. Man, Marvel is susceptible to a magical attack right now with big magical players in turmoil. This issue was intriguing, but some parts were hard to follow. Decent art. 6 out of 10.

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