As WWE Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch & Smackdown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair Move On To New Opponents, Controversy Remains!

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As WWE Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch  and Smackdown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair Move On To New Opponents, Controversy Remains!

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More On The Heat Charlotte Flair Reportedly Has In WWE Locker Room

As previously reported, Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair had an altercation after last Friday’s episode of Smackdown, when their ‘title exchange’ segment didn’t go as planned. Flair dropping the RAW Women’s title to the mat was not part of the script and this led some to believe she was intentionally trying to make Lynch look bad. Lynch took exception and the two had a verbal confrontation backstage. It had also been reported that multiple people were upset with Flair and she took the blame for what happened.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that the heat against Flair has been growing among many of the women’s wrestlers in the company. It’s mostly a case of a bunch of little things piling up, although some of them have to do with match structure.

The belief is that Flair wants to be a heel and is portrayed that way, but she is still allowed to do babyface moves during matches like dives or moonsaults in and out of the ring. The complaint is that it’s hard to get over as a babyface against Flair as a result.

There was also the feeling that Rhea Ripley should have been elevated as the RAW Women’s Champion and not cooled down in the women’s tag division as she currently is. While there were some who think Flair should have put Ripley over, that would have been Vince McMahon’s call, not Flair’s.

As noted, Flair’s incident with Becky Lynch wasn’t her first in recent months, as a match with Nia Jax turned into a legitimate scrap at one point. As with this incident, most people took the side of Jax when that happened, supporting her for standing up to Flair and not being bullied.

Curious if these two will remain champions and face each other at WWE Survivor Series 2021.

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