DC Comics & Batman / Superman: Authority Special #1 Spoilers: Next BIG Infinite Frontier Threat Unmasked?!

DC Comics and Batman / Superman: Authority Special #1 Spoilers follows.

Next BIG Infinite Frontier Threat…


This one-shot appears continue on from the Superman and The Authority limited series (full spoilers here).

The book opens elsewhere in the multiverse on a world ruled by the Empire of Shadows.

It’s actually in the Dark Multiverse on a world run by the family of Ra’s Al Ghul.

A world where the Ghuls aka Empire of Shadows were able to…

…capture the multiverse’s singular timekeeper the Tempus Fuginaut.

They want to use him to attack and take over the center of the multiverse Earth 0.

Well, they were unsuccessful and the leader of the Empire of Shadows, this world’s Batman, may have bigger plans nonetheless.

The previous limited series and this one-shot are intended to bleed into the ongoing Action Comics series; stay tuned.

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