Chances are you or someone you love have been impacted by cancer. Maybe its time to change the way we think about treatments? That’s the challenge the CANCEREVOLUTION documentary takes on.

This documentary will be coming out in 2022. This documentary surfaces the evidence-based, peer reviewed and published research shaping a new cancer treatment paradigm that can save lives now.

From the film makers: Maggie Jones and Brad Jones

“In 2021 we traveled the continent to meet with some of the greatest cancer researchers and cutting-edge practitioners. These interviews are already in the can and exceeded even our enormous expectations.”

From Maggie Jones….

“One month after my 40th birthday I was diagnosed with terminal, stage 4 lung cancer that had spread to my eye, liver, four tumors in my brain, and more than a dozen lymph nodes throughout my chest, neck and abdomen. My prognosis of six to eight months with conventional treatment seemed optimistic. My doctors were focused on making me comfortable. I was dying.

One year later I was cancer free.”

If you are interested in how you can make a difference and support these independent film makers, head over to their Indiegogo campaign here. They are currently in post production and looking to raise some funds to finish things up release the film.

Trailer here to learn more.

Inside Pulse will be providing updates along the way on this documentary and we are excited to see the finished film when it arrives.

I have personally made a donation in support of this film and looking forward to the completed product. Even if you dont want to contribute financially – I bet there will be thought provoking information in the film that could cause you to think a bit differently about Cancer.

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