AEW 2021 Full Gear 2021 Spoilers Sees 1 New Champion Crowned From 3 Championship Matches!

AEW 2021 Full Gear 2021 Spoilers Sees 1 New Champion Crowned From 3 Championship Matches!

Here was the AEW Full Gear 2021 full card including the championship matches.

Well, Adam Page won the big one defeating Kenny Omega for the AEW World Championship.

Here’s AEW’s recap of the title match plus all of the matches.

AEW Men’s World Championship!

“The Cleaner” Kenny Omega (c.) (with Don Callis) vs. “Hangman” Adam Page!

Page blistered the chest of the champion with knife-edged chops. Callis grabbed Page’s boot from outside and Omega took advantage. Omega kicked Page but Page pulled himself over the top rope and down onto the champ!

Omega targeted the spine of Page, but Page reversed a suplex outside the ring. Page connected with a big-time cross body press onto Omega for a near fall. Omega thumbed Page in the eyes.

“Omega is someone who has cardio for days,” said Excalibur.

Page regrouped and hammered Omega with heavy shots. Kenny took down the challenger with a hurracanrana, sending Page to the floor. Omega crashed onto Page with the Terminator dive! Page blocked a moonsault from Omega by raising his knees. ‘Hangman’ tossed Omega with the fallaway slam! Omega rolled out of the ring and Page wasted no time with a tope suicida! Page didn’t give Omega any time to rest, hitting a moonsault from the ring post onto Omega!

“Man, this match is everything I thought it might be and more,” said Jim Ross.

Omega disoriented the challenger with palm strikes and then a springboard Liger Bomb! Omega hit Page with the Snap Dragon suplex. Omega nailed Page with a Snap Dragon suplex on the ring apron! He followed up with the V-Trigger! Page escaped the One-Winged Angel from Omega, but then Omega spiked Page with a Tiger Driver 98!

The fans chanted “Let’s go ‘Hangman’!”

Omega began to bite at the laceration on Adam Page’s head. Kenny climbed to the top turnbuckle but Page shoved him and then began to bite on Kenny’s head! Page sent Omega flying to the mat with an avalanche blockbuster for a near fall!

Page jumped off the steel post and met Omega with a flying lariat, smashing Omega through the timekeeper’s table! Adam Page was looking for the Buckshot Lariat but Omega collapsed. Instead Page went for the V-Trigger but Omega dodged it. Page transitioned to the Buckshot Lariat but Omega pulled ref Paul Turner into the line of fire!

Don Callis jumped into the ring with the AEW World title but Hangman ducked the belt shot! Page had Omega in his clutches when ref Aubrey Edwards sprinted down. Omega kicked out at the two-count!

Omega was knocked on his knees after V-Triggers. Omega went for another V-Trigger but Page caught Omega with the rolling elbow strike!

“These men are exchanging some heavy, heavy blows,” said Jim Ross.

Kenny Omega hit Page with Kawada kicks! Page flipped off Omega and turned Omega inside out with a lariat!

The Young Bucks limped out to the ringside area. Omega and Page exchanged backdrop drivers! Page’s Buck Shot Lariat was countered by a V-Trigger! Page nailed Omega with the One-Winged Angel but Kenny kicked out. Page looked down at Matt Jackson and Matt Jackson nodded at him. Page finished off Omega with the Buck Shot Lariat and pinned him!

And new AEW World Champion…“Hangman” Adam Page!

The Dark Order walked out onto the ramp to applaud the new champ! Page invited them into the ring and gave them a group hug!

Page also has champ merch available.

He also a challenger from the AEW Eliminator tournament.

Bryan Danielson vs. Adam Page. Face vs. face or will one turn heel? Will Kenny Omega get a rematch with Page first? Stay tuned.

It’s also a PPV that saw a surprise “…Is All Elite” debut. So, what did you think of the event?

Here’s how the reigns of the first three AEW World Champions shook out.

  • Chris Jericho was champ for 182 days.

  • Jon Moxley was champ for 277 days.

  • Kenny Omega was champ for 346 days.

How long will Page reign?

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