DC Comics & Suicide Squad #9 Spoilers & Review: Task Force X Vs. Who’s Left Of Green Lantern Corps?!

DC Comics and Suicide Squad #9 Spoilers and Review follows.

Task Force X Vs…

…Who’s Left Of Green Lantern Corps?!

We have a few different stories going on; first involves some of team members of the Suicide Squad being kidnapped.

The second involves a space mission for the remain Squad members.

Looks like Rick Flag, former member of the Suicide Squad, has captured some of the team.

While the rest of the team’s mission is revealed to be on Oa.

That was the one-time home of the Green Lantern Corps who are not the same in Infinite Frontier.

One of the last Green Lanterns tries to hold of the team, but…

…the Squad leaves her…

…only to be attacked by Hawkman’s Thangarian people…

…who go for the overkill with a big old explosion.

The Pulse:

Action-packed, riddled with intrigue and some humor peppered in. Decent, gritty art. An exciting and engaging story. 9 out of 10.

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