DC Comics & Checkmate #6 Spoilers: Who Is Mister King Answered?!

DC Comics and Checkmate #6 Spoilers follows.

Who Is Mister King Answered?!

And, it’s not who thought it was.

This new Checkmate gets the usual intro with dramatis personae and a storyline catch-up page plus the creators credits to open the issue.

As we know this is a very different Checkmate than its original incarnation.

Well, Amanda Waller reveals that Mister King is Kamandi; he’s in the present to avoid a catastrophic future.

Checkmate will also now be aligned with the Justice League and not Waller’s Suicide Squad?!

It appears that Suicide Squad’s Amanda Waller exposes Mister King as the boy turned man Kamandi.

An interesting revelation and unexpected turn of events.

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