DC Comics & Robin #8 Spoilers & Review: Damian Wayne Vs. Connor Hawke! Who Dies?!

DC Comics and Robin #8 Spoilers and Review follows.

Damian Wayne Vs. Conner Hawke!

Who Dies?!

Lazarus Island appears to be ready to belch out someone or something as…

…as the final competitors are ready to fight.

A one-time Green Arrow vs. present-day Robin.

Batman’s son does not get the upper hand in this multi-page fight.

So, Hawke shows some mercy and kills Robin?!

Well, each competitor gets three lives so Damian Wayne isn’t dead yet.

As his great-grandmother Mother Soul turns on all the competitors!

However, Damian Wayne is back with one life left to live as…

…Connor Hawke believes it is his destiny to fight the Lazarus demon…

…who makes short work of him?!

The Pulse:

Solid, engaging and intriguing story, but a bit jarring with all the different artists. 7 out of 10.

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