Marvel Comics & Amazing Spider-Man #79 Spoilers & Review: Who Hacked & Drugged Corporate Spider-Man?!

Marvel Comics and Amazing Spider-Man #79 Spoilers and Review follows.

Who Hacked and Drugged…

…Corporate Spider-Man?!

Plus Kraven The Hunter Attacks!

We open with a storyline catch-up and creators credits page.

Looks Ben Reilly, the Beyond Corporation’s Amazing Spider-Man, needs an IT patch. 

It’s taking longer than Ben wants and he notes he could have done it himself, quicker even, because he’s a bit of an intellect too.

Turns out Ben hacked Beyond’s tech himself to give him some alone time when he wants.

After visiting with Pater Parker, the original to Ben’s clone copy,  in hospital he goes to foil a bank robbery; Beyond Corporation likely know that Ben has done something to their tech as their messages went to voice-mail.

After that successful mission, he checks in on a colleague Andrew, who appears dead and…

…is attacked by Kraven the Hunter!

As part of that battle, Kraven drugs Ben who…

…starts hallucinating!

The Pulse:

I find Kraven a more interesting foil than the previous issue’s Morbius. A compelling issue, with the obligatory Peter Parker check-in, and decent art. 8 out of 10.

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