Marvel Comics & X-Men #5 Spoilers: It All Comes Crumbling Down?!

Marvel Comics and X-Men #5 Spoilers follows.

It All Comes…

…Crumbling Down?!

The book also has two variant covers; one above and one below.

The issue has an interesting battle where Polaris uses an unconscious X-23 to fight off a threat, but the real fascinating part of the book is how it ends.

Reporter Ben Ulrich, mostly known for his Spider-Man ‘verse work, has uncovered that mutants can’t die and his digging into what readers know was the resurrection protocol.

A protocol administered by “The Five“.

It appears that the promised new villain watches from the wings.

Next up is X-Men #6 and will feature the debut of Captain Krakoa.

That book is on stands on January 5, 2022.

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