DC Comics & Detective Comics 2021 Annual #1 Spoilers: Shadows Of The Bat Ignites For Batman?!

DC Comics and Detective Comics 2021 Annual #1 Spoilers follows.

Shadows Of The Bat…

…Ignites For Batman?!

Shadows of the Bat is a 12-part series that kicks off in January 2021 when Detective Comics goes 4 times a month for the event.

That would put it’s end in March 2022 with a possible Omega issue, if one happens, in April 2022.

This Detective Comics annual is billed as kicking of the event by being a prelude.

The issue features Dr. Chase Meridian who is at the forefront of the creation of Arkham Tower to replace Arkham Asylum, but…

…still treat mental health illness of Gotham City and Batman’s rogues.

However, the mental illness in Gotham City is not relegated to its criminals, but the forgotten ones who appear homeless with stories to tell.

You may remember Dr. Chase Meridian from her pop culture debut.

The character, played by actress Nicole Kidman, starred opposite Batman, played by Val Kilmer, in 1995’s Batman Forever film.

The Shadows of Bat January 2022 solicitations are here with February solicitations here; they include the milestone Detective Comics #1050.

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