Marvel Comics & Marvel Voices: Comunidades #1 Spoilers: Latinx Super-Heroes Tomorrow, Today & Then!

Marvel Comics and Marvel Voices: Comunidades #1 Spoilers follows.

Latinx Super-Heroes Tomorrow, Today and Then!

The issue has a few variant covers below on top of main cover above.

The book is filled with stories by Latin creators and feature Latinx super-heroes.

The last page of story features mixed heritage Miles Morales Spider-Man in Puerto Rican inspired new costume.

The book also includes a retrospective on Marvel’s first Latino super-hero…

…the White Tiger.

The book also includes a plug for collected editions…

…that feature the first and/or prominent appearances by the Latinx heroes covered in this one-shot.

Next up is the indigenous focused Marvel Voices: Heritage #1.

That book has moved from a November 24, 2021 release to January 12, 2022.

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