Marvel Comics & Avengers #51 Spoilers & Review: New Masters Of Evil Draw First Blood?!

Marvel Comics and Avengers #51 Spoilers and Review follows.

New (Multiversal) Masters Of Evil Draw First Blood?!

The book has a few variant covers below on top of the main cover above.

Then we have a storyline catch-up and creators’ credits page.

Echo, the new holder of Earth 616’s Phoenix Force comes to Asgard, is rebuffed by Lady Sif, but is there to take on the Multiversal Masters of the Evil’s Phoenix whose Phoenix force has darkened Asgard quite literally.

Elsewhere on Asgard, Iron Man and Thor…

…are confronted by the Multiversal Masters of Evil.

Here’s a quick Who’s Who on that team, over four pages, via concept art.

It’s that team’s Dark Phoenix vs. the Avengers’ Echo Phoenix with…

…even Thor unable to turn the tides.

Well another Thor does just that and he’s also a multiversal hound for the Dark Phoenix!

This is also the same week that the Avengers sister title, Avengers Forever #1 (full spoilers here) debuted.

It is also advancing the Multiversal Masters of Evil plot with a heroic multiverse perspective while the main Avengers series appears to take it from the Earth 616 perspective.

The Pulse:

While I find multiverse stories engaging, they are hard stories to tell. I was entertained by the issue and enjoyed the art. It was still a bit hard follow plot wise, but nothing a reread can’t cure. 7 out of 10.

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