DC Comics & Batman #119 Spoilers & Review: Is Superman Foil Lex Luthor A Friend Or Foe As New Batman Inc. Benefactor? Plus A New Robin Debuts!

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DC Comics and Batman #119 Spoilers and Review follows.

Is Superman Foil Lex Luthor…

…A Friend Or Foe As…

…New Batman Inc. Benefactor?

Plus A New Robin Debuts!

Here is the promise of the issue from its solicitation.

Art and cover by JORGE MOLINA
Backup written by KARL KERSCHL
Backup art by KARL KERSCHL
1:25 variant by DAN HIPP
1:50 variant by JOCK
$4.99 US | 40 pages | Variant $5.99 US (Card stock)
ON SALE 1/4/22

“Abyss” part two! For years Batman used the darkness as a weapon, but now a new enemy turns that darkness against him! Batman must team with Batman Inc.’s mysterious new benefactor to bring the deadly Abyss into the light!

Wait…who is Batman Inc.’s new benefactor?

Turns out Lex Luthor is ready to finance Batman Inc. now that Bruce Wayne no longer is wealthy…

…despite their complicated past.

In addition to financing Batmen, LL seems to hunt them too, or something?!

Later Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor meet over a meal…

…where Luthor explains he was wrong before and that…

…the world needs Superman and Batman.

The book ends with the reveal that Abyss is not actually dead…

…dueling with Batman and…

…blinding him with his darkness?!

The back-up features Maps Mizoguchi…

…as a Robin to Batman…

…who must save him from the walking dead or something?!

The Pulse:

An intriguing opening and back-up story with diverging art styles that didn’t conflict for some reason. Intrigued for next issue. 8 out of 10.

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