AEW Battle For The Belts Crowns A TNT Champion, But Not THE TNT Champion?!

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AEW Battle For The Belts Crowns A TNT Champion, But Not THE TNT Champion?!

The one hour show this week was to include a TNT Championship rematch between new champion Cody Rhodes and former champion Sammy Guevara.

However, due to someone in the Rhodes family testing positive for Covid-19, the champion was required to self-isolate despite not being the infected party and therefore was not / is not medically cleared to wrestle; that led to an Interim TNT Championship match between Sammy Guevara and Cody’s brother Dustin Rhodes.

It was a slobberknocker and Guevara left the match as winner and new Interim TNT Champion.

The match went down like so.

Interim TNT Championship Title Match!

The Natural” Dustin Rhodes (with “The Enforcer” Arn Anderson) vs. “Spanish God” Sammy Guevara to crown an interim TNT Champion!

During yesterday’s RAMPAGE episode, Excalibur announced that TNT Champion “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes had not been medically cleared to compete for tonight’s title defense against “Spanish God” Sammy Guevara.

Stepping in to replace Cody was his brother, “The Natural” Dustin Rhodes, to face Sammy Guevara to crown an interim TNT Champion!

“This is a rubber match with very high stakes here tonight,” said Excalibur.

Dignitaries Humpy Wheeler and David Crockett were sitting ringside.

Dustin and Sammy showed mutual respect by shaking hands at the start of the match.

Sammy grabbed a headlock on Dustin, but Dustin shoved him off. Dustin slowed the pace, apparently needing a minute to collect himself.

“I think Dustin knows he can’t compete with Sammy’s speed,” said Excalibur.

Sammy hit a dropkick on Dustin. Outside the ring, Sammy rammed Dustin into the guardrail. Dustin fired back with knife edge chops. Dustin rammed Sammy’s knee into the steel ring steps! Dustin nailed Sammy with a piledriver on the arena floor!

“Dustin going for broke with that,” said Tony Schiavone.

Sammy pointed to his knee, and barely jumped back into the ring in time to break ref Aubrey Edward’s 10-count. It seemed that Dustin’s strategy of slowing down the pace was paying off. Dustin powerslammed Sammy for a near fall!

Daniel Garcia was watching the match from ringside.

Sammy countered a monkey flip from Dustin. Sammy flew through the air with a double springboard onto Dustin outside the ring. A wobbly Sammy attempted a double springboard cutter but Dustin caught him with the Cross Rhodes for a near fall! Dustin followed up with the Code Red for another near fall!

“Give Sammy credit as Sammy has kicked out of two well executed moves from Dustin,” said Tony Schivaone.

Dustin climbed to the top rope but Sammy ran up, grabbed Dustin, and clocked him with the GTH for a near fall! Fuego Del Sol was underneath the ring. Fuego popped out and set up a table. Arn Anderson confronted Fuego and Fuego retreated.

Sammy connected with a pump kick on Dustin’s jaw. Dustin rallied back with a Canadian Destroyer off the apron, sending Sammy crashing through the table!

“This is awesome!” chants filled the packed arena.

Dustin planted Sammy with two consecutive Cross Rhodes. Dustin was looking for the Tiger Driver 98 but Sammy defended himself with a thrust kick. After several roll-up reversals, Sammy rolled up Dustin for the pin!

Pro wrestling luminary David Crockett presented Sammy Guevara with the Interim TNT title!

“Sammy can once again call himself a champion. But we know the unification match with Dustin Cody Rhodes is around the corner,” said Excalibur.

Daniel Garcia jumped into the ring and he slapped Sammy! They began brawling and had to be separated!

Tony Schiavone interviewed Sammy Guevara backstage!

Sammy challenged Daniel Garcia for the next week’s DYNAMITE, putting the Interim TNT Title on the line!

A recap of the other matches on the card are available here; the date of the TNT Championship unification match was not been announced.

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