DC Comics Teases Vigilante For HBO Max Peacemaker Series!


DC Comics Teases Vigilante For HBO Max Peacemaker Series!

DC Comics reports and shared the following video on the Adrian Chase version of the Vigilante who technically Vigilante II in DC lore.

In addition to the video you can see the classic Who’s Who bio for this Vigilante below.

His adventures are captured over several collected editions beginning with the below.

There was a very different Vigilante before Adrian Chase during the Justice Society of America era.

As well as after including Pat Tryce.

While she didn’t anchor her own series, she appeared in Deathstroke’s ongoing series with those adventures captured in collected editions beginning with the below.

Plus Donald Fairchild.

He was the Vigilante of the short-lived Vigilante: Southland limited series that was cut-short, but collected as a trade paperback anyway.

DC Fandom has a run down on the other Vigilantes if you’re interested, but the preceding four Vigilantes are the most noteworthy; the Adrian Chase version is the one in the Peacemaker HBO Max series, but he’s portrayed as a bit more quirky.

Below is a classic Who’s Who bio for Peacemaker if you want to get familiar with his comic book adventures.

Plus since he was mentioned above here’s Deathstroke’s too.

While I’m at it, since Vigilante, Deathstroke and Deadshot had my fave DC Comics costumes when I was younger, here’s Deadshot’s classic bio too.

Hoping we see Deathstroke and Deadshot during season 1 of Peacemaker, which seems unlikely, or maybe a future season or even the next iteration of the Suicide Squad on film.

Who do you want to see appear in Peacemaker Season 1 beyond the Judomaster who we know will appear?

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