Marvel Comics & Fantastic Four #39 Spoilers: Franklin Richards Changing Looks Not Editorial Errors After All?!

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Marvel Comics and Fantastic Four #39 Spoilers follows.

Franklin Richards…

…Changing Looks…

…Not Editorial Errors…

…After All?!

The promise of the issue can be gleaned from its solicitation.

Variant Cover by IVAN SHAVRIN
Devil’s Reign Villain Variant Cover by CARLOS GÓMEZ

A day of reckoning is coming for both the Marvel Universe and the Fantastic Four. But first Mister Fantastic and the Invisible Woman must survive a very personal family crisis. Guest-starring She-Hulk, the TVA, the Watcher and Nick Fury.

32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

We open with the trial noted above with…

…Franklin Richards on the stands.

He defends therapy for good mental health and through his examination in court he explains what we mentioned in therapy to his parents about how he used his considerable powers to change himself over time from blonde to brunette and from young to old to young, etc.

He is excused after his testimony.

There are other Wizard and cloning related shenanigans in an issue that has a finite end.

That clears the deck for the beginning of the Reckoning War and the next of Fantastic Four as part of that event also out this month.

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