Marvel Comics & Defenders #5 Spoilers: Masked Raider Unmasked?!

Marvel Comics and Defenders #5 Spoilers follows.

Masked Raider…


The promise of the issue is revealed in its solicitation.

Variant Cover by MIKE ALLRED

Doctor Strange’s ragtag Defenders face their final trial in the Third Cosmos, where the concepts of good and evil are locked in primal, eternal conflict. When the Masked Raider’s identity is finally revealed, will the truth be their salvation…or their undoing?

32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

The book opens with the book’s dramatis personae.

It ends explaining who Carlo Zota became the Masked Raider to stop himself at the hands of Eternity who furnished him the Eternity Mask.

The book ends with the Eternity Mask needing a new bearer.

Plus the tease of more Defenders adventures to come.

While the digital version is non committal, the version in the print edition was more explicit on timeframe.

The book ends with the creators’ credits page.

If you don’t know who Carlo Zota is, well, his classic team bio is below.

He was a member of the Enclave.

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