Marvel Comics & X Deaths Of Wolverine #3 Spoilers: Who Is The Omega Wolverine & What Does The Future Hold For Mutants & The Resurrection Protocol?

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Marvel Comics and X Deaths Of Wolverine #3 Spoilers follows.

Who Is The Omega Wolverine and What Does The Future Hold For Mutants and The Resurrection Protocol?

The issue has a few variant covers below in addition to the main cover above.

The promise of the book can be discerned from its solicit.

Trading Card Variant Cover by MARK BAGLEY
Omega Spoiler Variant Cover by INHYUK LEE
Variant Cover by Christian Ward • Anime Style Variant Cover by TBA
Variant Cover by JOHN CASSADAY


WEEK 6 – With WOLVERINE saving the past, who protects the present? WOLVERINES, that’s who! The “Wolverine family” of WOLVERINE (LAURA KINNEY), DAKEN and SCOUT enters the fray as the dark side of Wolverine’s time-traveling mission comes into focus.

32 PGS./Parental Advisory …$4.99

The Omega Wolverine continues to cut his swath through Marvel, quite literally and…

…confronted by X-23 aka Wolverine as well as Scout aka Honey Badger and…

…Daken aka Wolverine aka Dark Wolverine; during the battle he alludes the fact that mutants will not always be able to be resurrected.

They realize that the Omega Wolverine is actually the real Wolverine aka Logan.

He’s from the future and saw the Wolverines, or the Wolverine Family as termed in the solicit, each die; the Omega Wolverine is seemingly hurt or dying as well.

We then get a glimpse of the future…

…one where Moira X aka Moira MacTaggert…

…is seemingly the one that injured Wolverine and set him on his Omega Wolverine journey into the past as the last surviving mutant!

The book ends on an up-to-date checklist on where the parallel mini-series of X Deaths of Wolverine and X Lives of Wolverine are; both past the 1/2 way mark.

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