DC Comics & Justice League Incarnate #5 Spoilers & Review: How Is The Road To & Through Death Of The Justice League & Dark Crisis Paved?!

DC Comics and Justice League Incarnate #5 Spoilers and Review follows.

How Is The Road To and Through Death Of The Justice League and Dark Crisis Paved?!

The issue has a few variant covers below on top of the main cover above.

The promise of the title can be determined from its solicitation.

Variant cover by JORGE FORNÉS
1:25 variant cover by ANDREI BRESSAN
$4.99 US | 40 pages | 5 of 5 | $5.99 US Variant (card stock)
ON SALE 3/1/22

In this shocking conclusion, Justice League Incarnate must face their worst threat yet: each other! With half the team under the control of the forces of darkness, what chance do they have of stopping Darkseid from achieving his ultimate victory? No matter who wins, everyone loses because the real crisis has yet to come…

The book opens with the Justice League Incarnate possessed by the Great Darkness, but Doctor Multiverse uses her powers to sync up their multiversal vibrations to free them.

At the same time, the Empty Hand wages war with…

…with a seemingly and surprisingly…

…out-matched Darkseid!

The Empty Hand lures Darkseid into his Oblivion Machine, exploiting the rip between multiverses, and the machine lives up to its end for the Lord of Apokolips. 

His sister Grail knows that the hordes of Apokolips need a master while Darkseid appears gone or dead and champions her brother and his son Orion to be their new lord

Justice League Incarnate believes that defeating the Great Darkness requires the Barry Allen Flash; they travel using the Oblivion Machine and exploit the multiversal tear to get to…

…Earth Flash.1., but Barry Allen wants to stay on the tranquil world he’s be on since the end of the Infinite Frontier mini-series

Pariah is manipulating the situation and whisks the JLI away.

The Oblivion Machine and the multiversal tear is proving unstable and will consume Earth 7; Orion leaves and takes his new army to New Genesis while the Thunderer conjures up the Worldstorm to buy the the Justice League Incarnate time to escape; fortunately, the Harbinger was able to scoop him out of the destruction before it was too late.

Looks like the Empty Hand and Pariah’s plans are coalescing for the Great Darkness…

…as a dark army is conjured and…

…Darkseid is it prisoner?!

The Pulse:

An action-packed rip-roaring end to the JLI mini-series which serves as Act 2 in the 3 Act story of writer Josh Williamson. Act 1 was the initial Infinite Frontier mini-series. Intrigued by Act 3’s Dark Crisis limited series which requires passing through  Justice League #75 and the Death of the Justice League. I enjoyed this issue finale issue, but its not a finale in the typical sense as it ends of a cliffhanger. The art remains spotty in this issue, as it has for the entire series, but I like the idea of each world having a different artist. A satisfying and entertaining read that leads into what’s next. 8 out of 10.


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