Marvel Comics & X Deaths Of Wolverine #4 Spoilers: Omega Wolverine’s Past, Present & Future Unravel With Moira MacTaggert Vs. Destiny?!

Marvel Comics and X Deaths Of Wolverine #4 Spoilers follows.

Omega Wolverine’s Past, Present and Future Unravel With Moira MacTaggert Vs. Destiny?!

The book has a few variant covers below that supplement the main cover above.

The promise of this mini-series’ penultimate issue can be discerned from its solicit.

X Deaths of Wolverine #4
Writer: Benjamin Percy
Penciler: Federico Vicentini
Cover Artist: Adam Kubert

KRAKOA IN THE CROSSHAIRS! WEEK 8 – The chase leads to the mutant nation of Krakoa, as the force of mutantkind’s ultimate destruction breaches its borders. Is this the last stand of Xavier’s dream? Readers and collectors take note: This will be a major turning point for the X-books!

The book opens in the past of the Omega Wolverine which is the near future for the rest of us.

Looks like he was forced into his time hopping journey…

…as a way to change that near future.

We also see the Omega Wolverine elsewhere in a farther part of the future dealing with Forge’s shenanigans in a painful way.

In the present, Moira MacTaggert, no longer the mutant Moira X as her mutant powers were exhausted, uses the skin, quite literally, of Banshee to use the Krakoa gates that only mutants can use.

R.I.P. Sean Cassidy; someone tell his daughter Siryn.

Destiny sees the future and the challenges ahead as is her gift and curse.

In fact, Moira uses her time on Krakoa to try to kidnap Destiny, but…

…the Omega Lantern halts that in its tracks…

…before he succumbs to the Phalanx that has been ravaging his body!

The book ends with checklist status update.

The companion limited series of X Lives of Wolverine and X Deaths of Wolverine have one issue left.

  • X Lives of Wolverine #5 (of 5) is in stores on March 16, 2022.

  • X Deaths of Wolverine #5 (of 5) is on shelves one March 23, 2022.

These series are being touted is influential to where the X-Men franchise goes next.

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