How Did We Get Here? about Jackspeticeye arrives on March 15

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How does a kid in Ireland go from playing video games to paying large arenas? How Did We Get Here? charts the course that Sean McLoughlin took when he become Jacksepticeye on the internet. He has millions of followers and his videos are seen by hundreds of millions. What happens when he steps away from the computer and stands on a stage in front of the people who watch him on their laptops and phones. The documentary comes out on digital and OnDemand this March 15th. Here’s the press release from Shout! Factory:

Directed by Tucker Prescott 

MARCH 15, 2022
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With over 27 million YouTube subscribers, Jacksepticeye personifies what it means to be a viral sensation. Shout! Studios, in collaboration with Real Good Touring, is set to unleash HOW DID WE GET HERE?, the inspiring story of Sean McLoughlin (a.k.a. Jacksepticeye), who became one of YouTube’s biggest stars and formed an amazing world community around him in the process. Directed by Tucker Prescott, this captivating feature-length movie debuts Tuesday, March 15, 2022, on major VOD and digital platforms in North America.   

Sean McLoughlin was just a kid in rural Ireland. Now, he’s Jacksepticeye, one of the world’s top influencers. His visibility expands beyond YouTube and gaming and into pop culture at large. When he embarks on his first world tour, Sean contemplates his journey, his upbringing, and the nature of modern online celebrity and fandom as he meets the people across the world who changed his life and whose lives he’s changed with his videos and the community they’ve built.  

Debuting for the first time on major VOD and digital platforms in North America, HOW DID WE GET HERE? is an intimate reflection on life in the digital age and follows McLoughlin’s journey through the highest highs – chanting crowds, sold-out shows, and marriage proposals – and lowest lows –grappling with loneliness in the harsh Irish winter, and the life and wonder in between.  

Directed by Tucker Prescott 
Produced by Sean McLoughlin & Brent Lilley 
Executive Produced by Arin Hanson * Nicole Ambrose 
Director of Photography Tucker Prescott 
Edited by Lisa Hendricks & Tucker Prescott 
Second Camera Jack Walsh 
Assistant Editor Michael Shoppell 
Audio Mastering Jed Shiheng Xu Score Kellen + Kique 
Studio Engineer Jake Perrine 
Recorded at Bredouw Barn 
Jacksepticeye Presents HOW DID WE GET HERE?
Hits On-Demand and Digital March 15, 2022
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