Pull List Roundtable 3/30/2022 – Shadow War Alpha, Amazing Spider-Man, Vampirella / Dracula: Unholy, Star Wars: Bounty Hunters & More!

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James Fulton

Immortal X-Men – When I heard that Jonathan Hickman was leaving the X-Men, Kieron Gillen or Al Ewing were the only people I figured could pull things together and keep the franchise working. I’m so glad to see that Marvel agreed, and are giving Gillen this book, which I think might be taking the flagship position (and that Ewing is getting the Arakko book). I have high hopes for this title, as Krakoa needs some focusing. Gillen’s last run with the X-Men, after Matt Fraction’s run, was fantastic.

Shadow War Alpha – I hate these mini-events, but I’ve been loving Joshua Williamson’s Robin, liking his Deathstroke Inc., and been largely indifferent to his Batman. I’m hoping that this feels more like the first book…

I’m also looking forward to new issues of Aquamen, Miles Morales: Spider-Man, Newburn, A Righteous Thirst for Vengeance, Star Wars: Bounty Hunters, The Swamp Thing, Vampirella/Dracula: Unholy, War for Earth-3, X-Cellent, and X-Men Unlimited.

I’m also thinking of grabbing the Astro City one-shot, because those are always good.

John Babos

4 books this week.
Amazing Spider-Man #93
Immortal X-Men #1
Shadow War Alpha #1
War For Earth-3 #2 (of 2)

So, what did you find intriguing from the week that was?

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