Murtz Jaffer Interviews Big Brother Canada 10’s Gino, Summer, and Marty

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Immediately after they were evicted from the Big Brother Canada 10 house, I had the chance to catch up with Gino, Summer, and Marty to discuss what happened. I asked them if the gummy bear was the most valuable player of this season. I asked Gino who he blamed more for his eviction… the gummy bear or Marty. Summer also weighed in about how much she knew about Marty’s replacement nominee plan. I asked Gino if he regretted his decision not to take Marty out last week and Summer also talked about how betrayed she felt by Josh. Summer outlined her closest ally in the house while Gino discussed his showmance with Jacey-Lynn. Marty also broke down his relationship with Kevin and Heleena. Finally I asked all the houseguests how they felt when Marty told them that they could “kick their feet up.”

Check out the video above!

Big Brother Canada airs Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on Global.

Murtz Jaffer is the world's foremost reality television expert and was the host of Reality Obsessed which aired on the TVTropolis and Global Reality Channels in Canada. He has professional writing experience at the Toronto Sun, National Post, TV Guide Canada, and was a former producer at Entertainment Tonight Canada. He was also the editor at