DC Comics & Deathstroke Inc. #8 Spoilers & Review: Why Does Batman Pick A Side He Doesn’t Want To In Shadow War Part 3?!

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DC Comics and Deathstroke Inc. #8 Spoilers and Review follows.

Why Does Batman Pick A Side He Doesn’t Want To In Shadow War Part 3?!

The book has a few variant covers below that complement the main cover above.

The first variant cover is an homage to Mike Zeck’s 1991 Deathstroke The Terminator #1.

The second variant cover is part of some connecting covers for Shadow War/

Those variant covers look like this combined.

The promise of the book can be discerned from its solicitation.

Variant cover by CHRIS BURNHAM
Linking 1:25 variant cover by ROGER CRUZ and VICTOR OLAZABA
$3.99 US | 32 pages | Variant $4.99 US (card stock)
ON SALE 4/26/22

Deathstroke and Respawn are on the run! Deathstroke Inc. has been destroyed, and his villain associates killed by the Demon’s Shadow! Deathstroke must explain to Batman why he killed Ra’s al Ghul…but first he must survive the hundreds of deadly killers coming for him!

Nice to see Raptor return, but he’s Angel Breaker’s captive and she, and others for Talia Al Ghul, hunt down Deathstroke’s known associates to find after its believed he killed Ra’s Al Ghul.

Deathstroke and ReSpawn, his boy clone, are in San Francisco laying low and…

…having target practice…

…New Teen Titans style!

Deathstroke doesn’t want ReSpawn to be like him, including losing an eye, as…

…Batman and Talia are interrupted by Angel Breaker and Raptor.

The latter tells Batman what Robin has been up to the first several issues of his own series as Batman understands Talia’s plans and…

…chooses a different path to find Ra’s Al Ghul’s killer.

However, much of this was for show as Raptor was allowed to leave to warn Deathstroke so that Talia could track him down.

Raptor does tell Deathstroke what’s happened, but its not Talia, but Robin and Ravager who infiltrate his San Francisco lair.

The Pulse:

Another interesting chapter of Shadow War with lots of Batman. The ending was great and can’t wait for next chapter (which isn’t a long wait as it’s also out this week). Good mix of action, suspense with dark humor peppered in. 8 out of 10.

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