DC Comics & Robin #13 Spoilers & Review: How Are Batman & Deathstroke Family Now?! Shadow War Part 4 Begets Dysfunction!

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DC Comics and Robin #13 Spoilers and Review follows.

How Are Batman & Deathstroke Family Now?!

Shadow War Part 4 Begets Dysfunction!

This cover is the last of the covers for the first three parts of Shadow War.

That variant covers connects with the others to complete this image.

The promise of the issue can be gleaned from its solicit.

Art and cover by ROGER CRUZ and NORM RAPMUND
Variant cover by CRYSTAL KUNG
Linking 1:25 variant cover by ROGER CRUZ and VICTOR OLAZABA
$3.99 US | 32 pages | Variant $4.99 US (card stock)
ON SALE 4/26/22

Robin and Ravager have caught up with Deathstroke and Respawn! Can they convince Deathstroke to turn himself in…or fight to the death? And what startling revelation does Robin learn that shocks this story to its core?

Plus, Batman goes deep into the conspiracy behind Ra’s al Ghul’s death and discovers it’s bigger than he thought. He must call in backup…just not the backup you’d expect!

The issue continues where this week’s previous installment of Shadow War left off (full spoilers here).

Deathstroke and ReSpawn fight Robin and Ravager, but Deathstroke insists he didn’t kill Ra’s Al Ghul as Respawn unmasks!

While Damian Wayne is the son of Talia Al Ghul and Bruce Wayne aka Batman, ReSpawn is the son of Talia Al Ghul and Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke through Ra’s Al Ghul experimentation.

The brothers fight, which Deathstroke doesn’t want to break-up as he wants to see how ReSpawn does, but Batman arrives and stops the shenanigans.

Batman learns who ReSpawn is as Angel Breaker appears digitally and threatens a Deathstroke ally unless his comes to Talia Al Ghul in Nepal

Well, Angel Breaker kills the ally and Deathstroke makes his escape by threatening innocents.

Batman and Robin save them, as Deathstroke Inc. escapes, and Batman having a touching moment with his son Robin noting he knows he failed him, but still wants them to work together and be together on this one.

The book ends with Batman Inc. offering protection to Deathstroke’ s Secret Society of Super-Villains, specifically Prometheus and others, as Batman Inc.  is teased to protect or fight Deathstroke Inc.

The Pulse:

Another electric issue of Robin as well as Shadow War. Very deep emotional moments with heighten action. The last few pages have me clamoring for more. Not my favorite art of the event, but suits the book. 8.5 out of 10.

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