Which Series Did DC Comics Unveil As The DC Round Robin 2022 Final Two?!


Which Series Did DC Comics Unveil As The DC Round Robin 2022 Final Two?!

It began like this with full write-ups for each prospective series here.

Ultimately, with the final four shaking out like this.

Now, DC Comics has revealed the final two series that will battle it out to come to life as an actual limited series.

Suicide Squad Dark is described as follows.

Superboy the Man of Tomorrow, featuring Conner Kent, is described as so.

News of the the final round 4 of voting is coming from DC Comics.

We expect at least a ten or so page preview for each title to kick off round 4 voting as was the case with last year’s final two for DC Round Robin 2021.

Also, not winning the DC Round Robin doesn’t mean a series can’t come to fruition as the JLQ has appeared in other titles and a Blue Beetle: Graduation Day limited series is coming some, as announced by DC Comics last week, and is expected to hit stores this Summer or Fall well before the August 2023 feature film launch.

Robins was the winner of DC Round Robin 2021 and it’s sixth and final issue landed in stores last week with Jenny Wren featured prominently on the cover.

Which series do you hope wins DC Round Robin 2022? Suicide Squad Dark or Superboy: The Man of Tomorrow?

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