DC Comics & Dark Crisis #0 Spoilers: Final 20 Pages! Which Crisis Event Is Erased?! How Do Digital Edition & Print Copy Differ?

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DC Comics and Dark Crisis #0 Spoilers follows.

Final 20 Pages! Which Crisis Event Is Erased?! How Do Digital Edition and Print Copy Differ?

(1) Dark Crisis #0 (10 pages)

While the first 10 pages of Dark Crisis #0 (full spoilers here) appears to “count” as part of the Dark Crisis event there are 18 more pages to the Free Comic Book Day 2022 (FCBD 2022).

(2) Dark Crisis #1 Interior Pages (7 pages)

(3) The History of the DC Multiverse (5 pages)

(4) DC Essential Graphic Novels (4 pages)

You’ll note that Zero Hour: Crisis in Time (1994) is excluded from this list.

This is despite Hypertime being part of DC’s current Divine Continuum.

(5) Dark Crisis Checklist (1 page)

(6) Crisis On Infinite Earths Collected Edition House Ad (1 page)

(7) Variations from Digital Edition (above) and Print Edition (below) (four pages)

The Dark Crisis Checklist and the COIE House Ad are flipped ordering wise in the print edition and are preceded by a two page Flashpoint Beyond House Ad.

In addition, the first page interior cover has the DC TV CW The Flash series for a house ad.

While the back of the print issue has a house ad for the upcoming DC League of Super-Pets film.

Excluding the interior front cover house ad and the back cover house ad, the rest of the pages account for the last 20 pages of the issue with the first 10 pages on top of that counting as the story for Dark Crisis #0.

What did you think about Dark Crisis #0 and what’s teased to come from the event?

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