Best Tips On How to Get More Discord Members

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Discord is a renowned online chat network that has expanded into an ideal platform for users to form and join social groups. Since its release in 2015, the Discord app has rapidly grown all across the continent. Discord platform has over 350 million members and 150 million active users.

How do you encourage more people to join your Discord server with such a large number? Many individuals want to start their Discord server but may not know where to begin. Although it is simple to set up a server, it isn’t easy to make it successful. Don’t worry; there are plenty of reasons you should work hard to increase your Discord membership.

You can use Discord to establish an audience that generates income since it is one of the most popular modes of communication for digital natives. This is also an excellent spot to mingle and meet new people. There are many ways you can advertise your server, get more people to join, and make your server more successful. Therefore, let’s look through the most successful strategies for swiftly growing your Discord server membership in 2022.

Buy Discord Members

Buying Discord members online is among the simplest and quickest methods to increase your membership. Many websites offer Discord members for sale, with a range of payment options. is among other different websites where you can buy real Discord members. It has successfully provided millions of members to its ever-appreciative clients.

These bot members will not only boost the number of individuals that join your server, but they will also raise the size of your Discord server. It will boost your server’s social proof and encourage more people to join and engage with it, which will improve its reputation.

Pick a Catchy Title and a Concrete Description

The mind of any active member is captured using an eye-catching title. Having a catchy and interesting title will capture the interest of prospective members and keep them reading. Your listings will be more successful if readers see from the headline that you have great information to offer them.

To have a better chance of getting people to join Discord, come up with an informative and captivating title. Create a welcoming server description to get more Discord members consistently. The following should be included in your Discord server description to help attract members to join. As a Discord server owner:

What are the important activities carried out in our group?

What should the member expect after joining your group?

What are the goals and objectives of your group?

Be Active and Consistent

Your Discord membership will not expand if you create a Discord account and remain dormant or appear for a short time before disappearing. Maintaining a continuous presence and level of involvement in the community helps grow your server membership and consistently attracts new members. Ensure that you continue to provide value and engage with your audience to the greatest extent possible. If you are away from your computer, you may install various Discord chatbots to welcome your guests while you are away immediately.

Promote your Discord Server on Social Media

Social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook are excellent sources to generate new Discord members. If you already have a huge social media following, this is the best way to build a Discord group. If so, post an update with a link to your Discord server and start inviting your followers. Although this seems to be a basic method of generating quick Discord users, some factors are to consider before proceeding.

A huge following and a convincing reason for them to join your Discord server will allow you to recruit new members quickly. However, if you lack a sizable following, you can still develop your Discord server by paying for social media shoutouts from celebrities. This is basically when a social media influencer uses their bio, profile photo, or video material to promote one’s idea or service. It may be a very successful means of attracting new members and reaching a larger audience!

Organize Events

You may have observed what the other server owners are doing to improve the number of members on their servers. Most of these leading Discord servers always organize events for members that are both entertaining and thrilling. Similarly, you may host your events.

Anything from basic quiz games to a group gathering from which you can all watch interesting videos together. When planning an event, don’t forget to encourage your members to bring their friends along. Whenever you plan ahead of time, you will attract many new members.