DC Comics & Superman: Son Of Kal-El #11 Spoilers: What Pits Batman Against The Superman Family?!

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DC Comics and Superman: Son Of Kal-El #11 Spoilers follows.

What Pits Batman Against The Superman Family?!

The issue has a few variant covers below to supplement the variant cover above.

Plus the main cover.

The promise of the title can be discerned from its solicitation.

(W) Tom Taylor (A) Cian Tormey (CA) Travis Moore (VCA) Various

Jonathan Kent has faced many challenges in his life as both Superman and a Super Son, but what will the first son of the Last Son of Krypton do in the face of…metahuman bombs? Jon faces a deadly decision and Lex Luthor’s alliance with President Bendix deepens in this penultimate chapter of The Rising Saga!

In Shops: 5/10/2022
SRP: $3.99

Building on last issue’s stunning cliffhanger (full spoilers here)…

…tensions remain high between Batman and Superman’s son…

…over his boyfriend Jay Nakamura.

Pa Kent, Superman’s father and Jon Kent’s grandfather, talks with Batman over his concerns. (Was also pretty cool to know that Pa Kent and Alfred Pennyworth had a close friendship that Batman wasn’t aware of.)

He points out its not age that complicates love and points to Damian Wayne Robin’s mother being an assassin.

Pa Kent trusts that if Jay Nakamura can’t be trusted, Jon Kent will find the truth whether it hurts him or not.

The rest of the issue features Jon and Jay, as well as some Justice League members, versus Henry Bendix which leads to the latter wanting to escalate his plans with Lex Luthor who is not as keen to do so.

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