DC Comics & Detective Comics #1060 Spoilers & Review: Riddle Me This, Batman?!

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DC Comics and Detective Comics #1060 Spoilers and Review follows. 

Riddle Me This, Batman?!

The issue has a few variant covers below in addition to the main cover above.

The promise of the issue is teased in its solicitation.

Art and cover by IVAN REIS and DANNY MIKI
Backup written by SINA GRACE
Backup art by DAVID LAPHAM
Variant cover by LEE BERMEJO
1:25 variant cover by ERIN McDERMOTT
$4.99 US | 40 pages | Variant $5.99 US (card stock)
ON SALE 5/24/22

Batman has deployed one of his most powerful weapons in the hunt for the mysterious bomber plaguing Gotham City…but it’s not the Batmobile, the Batwing, or even the batarangs. It’s Bruce Wayne! As Bruce investigates the courtroom bombing that nearly left Deb Donovan’s daughter a splatter on the wall, could there be…love in the air?

The Riddler continues his radio show haunting Gotham City as…

…Batman continues to wonder how reporter Deb Donovan’s daughter, Judge Caroline Donovan, is tied into it all.

Deb and Batman compare notes as…

…Batman discovers who broke into Deb’s place.

Later, Judge Caroline Donovan gets an envelope with a green number six on it in Riddler green.

Batman tracks down Deb’s intruder…

…who is ready to execute Deb?!

The man Batman was looking for comes to assailant’s aid…

…alleging they have no choice in all this as…

…she tries to commit suicide, but Batman saves her, but Judge Donovan appears to kill them both and threatens Batman?!

The book ends of the Gotham Girl back-up tale.


The Pulse:

An entertaining issue from front to back on story, but the art on the main story is smoother and far superior to the art in the back-up. Still intrigued. 7 out of 10.

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