Pull List Roundtable 5/25/2022 – Legion Of X, Robin, Still Water, The Rush, Saga, Adventureman, Arrowsmith & More!

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James Fulton

Legion of X – Simon Spurrier’s Way of X was an oddball miniseries about Nightcrawler’s quest to develop a religion for Krakoa, and his new friendship with Legion. Now, Spurrier’s back with an ongoing series that promises to be just as oddball and strange, with Nightcrawler, Legion, Doctor Nemesis, Blindfold, Juggernaut, and some others in prominent roles. The X-books need to have oddball titles to help showcase life on the island, and I’m looking forward to seeing what Spurrier has in store for these characters. I believe he’s one of the most slept on writers in the business.

This week I’m also looking forward to new issues of Action Comics, Aquamen, Arrowsmith: Behind Enemy Lines, Deathstroke Inc., Department of Truth, Devil’s Reign: Omega, Moon Knight, Newburn Robin, The Rush, Saga, Stillwater, The Swamp Thing, and Teen Titans Academy.

John Babos

8 books this week.

Action Comics #1043
Adventureman #9
Arrowsmith Behind Enemy Lines #5
Avengers #56
Deathstroke Inc. #9
Detective Comics #1060
Robin #14
Teen Titans Academy #15

So, what did you find intriguing from the week that was?

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