WWE Hell In A Cell 2022 Winner Cody Rhodes Injured With Long Horizon For Return Post Surgery!

WWE Hell In A Cell 2022 Winner Cody Rhodes Injured With Long Horizon For Return Post Surgery!

WWE reports.

Cody Rhodes def. Seth “Freakin” Rollins

Seth “Freakin” Rollins came into the Hell in a Cell Match with supreme confidence, having been in four previous encounters, whereas it was Cody Rhodes’ first time competing in the unforgiving steel enclosure. Making matters worse for Rhodes, it was announced on Hell in a Cell Kickoff that his right pectoral tendon had completely torn off the bone while weight training.

Rollins started the mind games before the bell even rang, having the temerity to wear black and yellow polka dot gear, an obvious reference to Rhodes’ father, The American Dream Dusty Rhodes.

The moment Rhodes removed his jacket, the bruising on his pectoral muscle was apparent. Rhodes’ chest was a dark purple, shocking the Chicago crowd into silence. Rhodes’ injury was like a brightly colored target, with The Visionary wasting no time aggravating the area, poking a Kendo stick into his opponent’s chest.

The mind games continued for Rollins, as he donned his opponent’s signature jacket and used a polka dot patterned weight belt to hit Rhodes again and again. With each blow Rollins landed on Rhodes, the torture The American Nightmare endured became more intense.

A vast assortment of objects entered the fray, including a table that Rollins crashed through, and a bull rope with a cowbell that Rhodes used against his sadistic foe.

Toward the end of the match, The American Nightmare and The Visionary each delivered his own version of the Cross Rhodes. With Cody’s injury becoming progressively darker and redder, The American Nightmare fought through the undeniable pain, completing three Cross Rhodes and hit a barbaric sledgehammer blast to put down Rollins.

Rhodes received a post-match standing ovation for his efforts, as he showed the WWE Universe an incredible level of tenacity and heart inside Hell in a Cell.

WWE further reports.

Raw results for June 6, 2022

Seth “Freakin” Rollins attacked an injured Cody Rhodes with a sledgehammer in the wake of Rhodes’ heroic Hell in a Cell effort

WWE also reports.

Cody Rhodes medical update

After heroically battling through a torn pectoral muscle against Seth “Freakin” Rollins inside WWE Hell in a Cell and then suffering a sinister sneak attack by The Architect the following night on Raw, Cody Rhodes underwent a successful surgical procedure to repair his injury on Thursday.

Brandi Rhodes, wife of The American Nightmare, tweeted an update on Cody’s condition.

It was later reported during Friday Night SmackDown that Cody’s recovery will indeed be a long one and that he will be unable to compete for nine months…

Get well soon, Cody.


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