New Champions Crowned At AEW Dynamite Road Rager June 16, 2022!

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New Champions Crowned At AEW Dynamite Road Rager June 16, 2022!

The original match for the AEW Tag Team Championships was billed as three way bout.

However, on Monday June 13, 2022, Jeff Hardy was arrested for his third DUI (Driving Under the Influence)  in Florida.

AEW suspended Jeff Hardy without pay, offered treatment for addiction and changed the AEW Tag Team match to a two team bout.

Concerning that match AEW reports.

AEW World Tag Team Championship Ladder Match!

Jurassic Express (c.)—Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus (with Christian Cage) vs. The Young Bucks—Matt & Nick Jackson!

The Young Bucks went right after Jurassic Express. Luchasaurus shoulder blocked the Bucks. Jungle Boy hit a tope suicida to Matt Jackson. Jungle Boy used a springboard hurracanrana to take Nick Jackson off the ladder!

Luchasaurus kicked a ladder out of the hands of the Bucks! Nick set up another ladder in the corner. Jungle Boy scaled the ladder and jumped onto the Bucks. Matt Jackson used a Northern lights suplex on Jungle Boy, smashing him into the ladder!

Jungle Boy drove Matt Jackson through a table with a hurracanrana. Nick Jackson powerbombed Jungle Boy through another table. Nick spiked Luchasaurus with a Canadian destroyer. He followed up with a 450 splash on Luchasaurus through a table on the arena floor!

The Bucks used anti-air superkicks on Jungle Boy. Luchasaurus choke slammed Nick Jackson onto a ladder! Luchasaurus used a moonsault off the apron onto the Bucks!

“Climbing the ladder is the only way to win it,” said Jim Ross.

Luchasaurus climbed the ladder with Matt Jackson on his back. Jungle Boy rammed a ladder into Matt’s back. The Bucks powerbombed Luchasaurus off the ladder onto a ladder that was propped on the ropes!

Matt Jackson dropped an elbow off the top rope to the outside onto Luchasaurus, smashing Luchasaurus through the table! Jungle Boy German suplexed Matt Jackson! Jungle Boy and Nick Jackson climbed separate ladders. Matt Jackson jumped on the other ladder. The Bucks tried for the BTE Trigger on the ladder but Jungle Boy pushed them to the mat! Luchasaurus climbed the ladder but the Bucks shoved the ladder, sending him crashing through double decker tables on the arena floor!

“Look at this crash!” said Excalibur.

The Bucks nailed Jungle Boy with the BTE Trigger! The Bucks climbed the ladder and grabbed the belts!

Your new AEW World Tag Team Champions—Matt & Nick Jackson—The Young Bucks!

After the match, Christian Cage double-crossed Jungle Boy and planted him with the Kill Switch! Christian Cage grabbed a steel chair and cracked Jungle Boy with a con-chair-to!

“Is this how you get recognized? Is this how you get back in the game? This is sickening. This is pathetic!” said Jim Ross…

With Christian Cage’s turn it doesn’t appear that Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus will be going back after the AEW Tag Team championships soon as they (or just Jungle Boy) has Cage to deal with.

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