8 Animated Movies You Should See At Least Once In Your Life

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There are a lot of people who claim that animated movies are intended only for children. Well, we do not share that opinion. On the contrary. Animated movies can frequently be so educational, heartwarming, and entertaining that it would be a shame for adults to miss out on them.

What’s so great and appealing about them? Well, one of their biggest virtues is the fact that they are oftentimes very relatable and try their best to send a wonderful message that both kids and adults can connect to.

And that’s not something that we often get to see in traditional films. Therefore, if you are interested in entering the world of animated movies and enjoying their wonderfulness, then give these animated movies a go as soon as possible.

Sensational Animated Movies That Everybody Must See

Starting With Lion King

According to some sources, this cartoon was inspired by the Biblical stories of Moses and Joseph and also by Hamlet. It is a very heartbreaking, deep, and dark story that is going to (at some moments) shatter your heart into a million pieces.

It tells a story about prince Simba and the struggles and obstacles he has to overcome after the loss of his father, King Mufasa (who was killed by his brother Scar). What many people love about it the most is the fact that it is an atypical animated movie that doesn’t showcase Simba as a typical heroic prince, but also shows his vulnerable side. 

Even though this cartoon is at times very sad, at the end of the day, it’s a great family movie because it emphasizes how powerful the bond can be between a son and his parents. Definitely, something that everyone will enjoy.

Frozen – Feisty Elsa & Romantic Anna

This animated movie perfectly demonstrates the love among the siblings. The two main characters are Elsa and Anna. Elsa is a strong, independent, down-to-earth woman, while, more relatable Anna is funny, goofy, naïve, yet very loving. 

Even though they are complete opposites, they perfectly complement each other. What’s great about both of them is the fact that they are unconventional princesses/queens which is a great thing because little girls shouldn’t be exposed only to the flawless ones that are everything but real. 

The movie tells a story about Anna who teams up with her buddies, Olaf and Kristoff in order to find her sister Elsa who has the ability to turn everything into ice. Passionate cartoon lovers at Featured Animation are not blown away by the story only, but also by the magical soundtrack that perfectly contributes to every scene, as well as, the outstanding visuals. Every single character is wonderfully created and the scenery was simply extraordinary. 

Adding More Superb Suggestions Below


An animated movie that was created over seventy years ago, tells a story about a lovely Cinderella, who is forced to live with an evil stepmother and her two daughters who keep her practically enslaved.

But that doesn’t stop her from dreaming of a more beautiful, enchanting life with a handsome prince by her side. It is for sure an empowering story that shows you that you should never give up on your dreams and that no matter how gloomy your current situation may be, there’s always hope and that you can accomplish anything, especially with the help of your friends. In Cinderella’s case, we’re referring to various animals, particularly mice.

Furthermore, it highlights the fact that you do not have to be rich or surrounded by influential people in order to succeed in any area of your life. 

Bold And Courageous Rapunzel 

We’re referring to Disney’s animated movie titled Tangled which tells a story about a long-haired girl called Rapunzel that has spent her whole life living in a tower with her “mother” who has convinced her that the world is a dark place, filled with bad people and that she should never-ever discover it.

However, once Rapunzel meets dashing, yet troubled Flynn Rider, things definitely take a different turn and she will finally get the opportunity to uncover the world and see how truly wonderful it can be.

This cartoon is for sure ideal for the whole family. Disney has remade the story of Rapunzel and for sure added a lot more magic and entertainment into the original story. Throughout the movie, you will cry, and laugh until your belly starts to hurt and after all, feel amazing.

Uncover The Beauty In Beauty And The Beast 

A cartoon that has been made over thirty years ago, still, to this day manages to sweep everyone off their feet with its strong message that emphasizes the importance of being humble at any given moment.

Namely, it tells a story of an arrogant, self-centered prince that turns into a beast precisely due to these negative traits and how a single encounter can change his world for the better. What’s amazing about this movie is the fact that it isn’t just your typical boy meets girl story where everything goes smoothly.

Here, you do not have an ordinary prince, or a boy next door, but a stubborn, at times, a bit aggressive Beast that is used to having it his way. But then he meets Belle, a wise, empathetic girl who will help him regain his humanity.

Besides these two characters, we will get the chance to meet so many wonderful ones that perfectly embellish this whole story, such as Lumiere, Maurice, Mrs. Potts, Cogsworth, and many others. 

We mustn’t forget to mention the fact that songs in this animated movie are mesmerizing, particularly the famous “Beauty and the Beast” which is still one of the most popular Disney songs of all time. 

But besides that one, tunes like “Belle”, “Be Our Guest”, “Something There” and many others will bewitch you long after the credits roll.

Meet The Brave Anastasia 

Now, here’s something that didn’t come out from the Disney factory. This cartoon was partially based on the tragic story of the Russian Royal family that was killed back in 1918. Even though in reality, unfortunately, no one has survived this assassination, in this animated movie we’ll be seeing the only surviving member of the family, a young woman called Anastasia who sadly ended up in an orphanage without remembering anything regarding her past.

Once she turns eighteen, leaves the orphanages, and is left to her own devices, she will embark on a journey with two con men, Dimitri and Vladimir who will help her reunite with her grandmother and learn everything about her past.

Although at first glance, this is a very dark story about the girl who has literally lost everything, throughout the movie we’ll get to see an amazing transformation of Anastasia who turns into a bold, plucky girl who is ready to turn her world upside down in order to get what she wants and after all, deserves.

Prepare Your Tissues With Coco 

This wonderful and heartwarming story will transport you to Mexico and show you how much these people value both family and heritage. The main character is a talented musician Miguel who enters the Land of the Dead with the goal to meet his great-great-grandfather who is a musician as well.

What’s so great about this animated movie? Besides the out-of-this-world visuals, one of the biggest messages that Coco is trying to convey is the fact that you should never give up on your dreams even if the closest people to you are not being supportive.

Passion is everything and that’s exactly what pushes adorable Miguel to go the extra mile for it. His journey is going to be filled with ups and downs, mysteries, and disappointments, but also with wonderful and unforgettable moments. 

If you’re interested in learning more about Mexican culture, and tradition, plus you enjoy listening to various rhythms of Mexican music, then you should definitely give this authentic cartoon a chance. But prepare yourself for the rollercoaster of emotions, because you’ll be both crying and laughing your heart out. 

Little Mermaid

Over thirty years ago, Disney has decided to create a spectacular cartoon that will encourage little girls to be courageous and fight for their dreams. One of them is Ariel (the main character), who represents a mermaid princess who is yearning to become human and conquer handsome Prince Eric.

In case you didn’t know, this story was based on the Hans Christian Andersen tale, however, Disney creators have decided to spice things up by adding a variety of different entertaining and interesting characters, such as the wicked, yet humorous witch Ursula, who is for sure one of the best Disney villains of all time.

Even though many parents will say that Ariel is being too rebellious for her own good, the truth is, precisely her stubbornness and her being wise beyond her years will help her achieve her goals and not wait around for destiny to give her what she needs.

We just managed to scratch the surface with the suggestions we listed above. It was pretty difficult to single out only eight animated movies, due to the fact that there are so many cartoons that are worth your every second.