WWE SummerSlam 2022 How Many Titles Changed Hands In The 5 Championship Matches In The New Post Vince McMahon Era?! Plus 7 BIG Returns!

WWE SummerSlam 2022 How Many Titles Changed Hands In The 5 Championship Matches In The New Post Vince McMahon Era?! Plus 7 BIG Returns!

Here’s the PPV event’s full card.

WWE reports.

WWE Championship Match Results

Bianca Belair def. Becky Lynch to retain the Raw Women’s Title…

Bianca Belair and Becky Lynch have collided many times, but the animosity reached a new level as the two Superstars stared each other down with fire in their eyes before the bell.

Lynch used her ring skills to avoid the power of Belair, basking in the boos as she focused on the arm of The EST of WWE. After turning the tide with a standing moonsault, Belair hunted down Big Time Becks outside the ring.

Belair looked for a K.O.D. on the barricade, but Lynch landed on her feet, hanging Belair across the barricade for a massive leg drop.

Lynch countered each attempted rally from Belair until the Raw Women’s Champion caught her opponent in the midst of a second leg drop and leveled her with a tremendous powerslam. Spurred by a raucous hometown crowd, Belair continued to pummel Lynch, dropping her face-first onto the ring apron before pulling her into the ring post for a back body drop onto the arena floor.

Reversing a K.O.D. into a Dis-arm-her, Lynch looked to make Belair tap, but the champion rolled out of the ring to break the count and dragged Lynch with her for a jaw-dropping K.O.D. onto the floor.

Lynch barely beat the referee’s 10-count, escaping another K.O.D. before pulling Belair off the top turnbuckle by her braid for a Manhandle Slam and a stunning near-fall. Unsure what it would take to put Belair away, Lynch climbed onto the top rope for another Manhandle Slam, but The EST of WWE reversed it into a Spanish Fly before planting Lynch with a K.O.D. to earn the pinfall and her redemption from last year’s Premium Live Event.

After the bell, Belair hesitantly shook Lynch’s outstretched hand before the two embraced in a show of respect…

Bobby Lashley def. Theory to retain the United States Title

Theory put his Money in the Bank briefcase to use earlier than expected, pummeling Bobby Lashley with it before the bell. Theory jumped on Lashley, not giving him any time to recover, but The All Mighty quickly got back on the attack.

Deciding he was above the match, Theory attempted to take his briefcase and walk away, but Lashley stood in his path and tossed him like a ragdoll into the barricade. The two Superstars traded blows in the center of the ring as Nissan Stadium rained down cheers following a running powerslam by Lashley.

The All Mighty signaled for the Spear, but Theory vaulted over Lashley, sending him flying into the ring post. Theory went for a rolling dropkick, but Lashley plucked him out of the air and cinched in the Hurt Lock for a quick tapout from Theory to remain the United States Champion.

The Usos def. The Street Profits to retain the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Titles

WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett made his presence felt early as he tried to keep The Usos and The Street Profits in check while they tore each other apart in another instant classic. Jarrett kept Jimmy and Jey Uso on a short leash, but the tag team champions still took advantage of every situation to deliver a few cheap shots to Angelo Dawkins.

A hyped Montez Ford hit the ring like a freight train to take out both Usos, slamming Jey with a standing blockbuster for a near-fall.

As The Street Profits rolled, The Usos caught Ford and Dawkins with a series of Superkicks followed swiftly by a top-rope splash.

The Usos nearly had the match won following a double splash, but Ford flew in to break up the pin at the last second. As all four Superstars were laid out exhausted in the center of the ring, Jey found his footing first, nearly clocking Jarrett with a Superkick after Dawkins dove out of the way. Jarrett caught the Superkick and spun Jey around for a spinebuster by Dawkins.

After Ford argued with Jarrett on a two-count, he went for a dive through the ropes but instead ate a pair of superkicks before being thrown into the Nissan Stadium crowd. The Usos then turned their sights on Dawkins, leveling him with a pair of Superkicks and connecting with a 1-D to record the pinfall victory and retain their titles.

Liv Morgan def. Ronda Rousey to retain the SmackDown Women’s Title; Rousey assaulted Morgan after the match

After one of the most emotional Money in the Bank cash-ins in history, Liv Morgan faced her biggest challenge to date, defending her first-ever SmackDown Women’s Title against a fresh Ronda Rousey. Morgan showed no fear stepping to The Baddest Woman on the Planet, but Rousey quickly dropped Morgan with a running knee and a suplex.

Morgan survived the onslaught to deliver a codebreaker, but as she went for the Oblivion, Rousey caught her and tried to cinch in the Armbar. Morgan avoided the submission with one of her own, but Rousey swiftly escaped the hold to lock in the Armbar in the center of the ring.

Rousey continued to inflict damage on Morgan’s arm, forcing the trainer to check on the champion, but Morgan would not let them end the match.

Rousey continued to attack the arm, but as she locked in another Armbar, Morgan stood up to plant Rousey’s shoulders for the three-count. An irate Rousey argued with the referee after he missed Morgan tapping out before the count of three, and she soon turned her fury on Morgan.

Rousey clubbed Morgan from behind, once again trapped her in an Armbar and did the same to the referee until WWE Officials rushed in to break it up.

Roman Reigns def. Brock Lesnar to retain the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship

In a match billed as “One last time. One last match,” Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar wrote a brutal and epic final chapter to their historic rivalry.

Lesnar smiled as he drove to the ring in a tractor, standing atop the front-end loader to look down on Reigns as he announced himself as “the man who will kick Roman Reigns’ a**.”

The Beast wasted little time diving off the tractor to plant Reigns with a Lou Thesz Press to kick off the match. Despite being in his first-ever Last Man Standing Match, The Beast Incarnate looked right at home amongst the carnage, suplexing Reigns onto the arena floor and launching him into the steel steps before tossing Reigns over the ring barricade and suplexing The Head of the Table throughout the crowd.

As Lesnar set up a table, Paul Heyman snuck up to distract his former client long enough for Reigns to rally and deliver a Samoan drop to Lesnar through the table for an eight-count. Reigns smashed Lesnar through a second table, but it couldn’t keep Lesnar down as Reigns followed up with a pair of Superman Punches and a Spear. On wobbly legs, Lesnar was able to counter another Spear. Unable to keep Reigns up for an F-5, Lesnar instead drove him through the remnants of a table.

While Reigns beat the 10-count, Lesnar maneuvered his tractor for more space before clobbering Reigns with the steel steps and the other half of a table. The Beast carried a weary Reigns over to the tractor and dumped him in the front loader, lifting him up and dropping him back into the ring for a six-count. After a flurry of German Suplexes, The Beast hoisted Reigns up for an F-5, nearly earning the victory as Reigns barely made it to his feet at the count of nine.

Furious, Lesnar climbed back into his tractor and lifted the entire ring off the floor as Reigns rolled out the other end!

With the ring propped up on one side, Lesnar looked to drive Reigns through the announce table when The Usos bum-rushed The Beast. Lesnar quickly dispatched the WWE Undisputed Tag Team Champions, but Heyman stepped in to protect his Tribal Chief. Heyman tried to reason with Lesnar, but Lesnar picked up Heyman and F-5’ed him through the announce table before turning around into a Spear by Reigns.

With bodies lying everywhere, Theory ran in with his briefcase, smashing Reigns across the face. 

Before he could cash in, however, Lesnar dropped him with an F-5 and…

…turned around into a pair of Superkicks from The Usos.

To Reigns’ shock, Lesnar beat the 10-count following a Spear, so The Head of the Table grabbed Theory’s Money in the Bank briefcase and pummeled The Beast.

Lesnar still refused to stay down, so after a second straight strike to the face with a title, Reigns and The Usos buried Lesnar underneath the rubble. Reigns then stood atop the wreckage as the referee counted to 10 to keep the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship in The Bloodline.

The Returns

(1) Bayley with Dakota Kai and IYO SKY FKA Io Shirai

…Bayley returns with Dakota Kai & IYO SKY

After the bell, Belair hesitantly shook Lynch’s outstretched hand before the two embraced in a show of respect.

But their emotional reconciliation was cut short as Bayley made her return to WWE!

Bayley brought Dakota Kai and IYO SKY along with her, leaving the WWE Universe stunned. The three made their way into the ring, but as Bayley berated Belair, Lynch stepped in to back up her former rival. The WWE Universe erupted in anticipation of a brawl, but Bayley, Kai, and SKY chose to retreat.

IYO SKY even has merch available right now.

Based on recent Twitter comments by Bayley the faction may be called Control.

We also seem to have a face turn for Becky Lynch and perhaps her “The Man” persona will be back or some new persona will be.

(2) Edge

Edge returned to help The Mysterios against The Judgment Day who expelled Edge from the group he founded and put him on the storyline shelf for a few months.

Those macabre vignettes over the last few weeks were signaling his return.

(3) Riddle and Seth Rollins (sorta)

While they had a match scheduled that was pulled from the PPV both did appear on a segment that furthered their feud.

Riddle called out Seth “Freakin” Rollins and got stomped during a wild brawl

After having his match with Seth “Freakin” Rollins postponed due to injury, Riddle rushed the ring and grabbed a microphone to call out The Visionary. As Rollins made his way to the squared circle, WWE Officials rushed in to prevent an altercation.

Rollins pushed past the security and was met in the entrance aisle by an enraged Riddle. The two fought their way into the ring, where Rollins delivered another devastating stomp right in the face of WWE Official Adam Pearce. The Visionary gloated in his beatdown of Riddle as he made his way backstage, and trainers attended to Riddle.

(4) Kane

Kane returned to announced the attendance numbers for WWE SummerSlam 2022.

What’s Next?

(1) Brock Lesnar

Despite rumors of his walk-out of WWE Smackdown after Vince McMahon’s retirement announcement, but eventual return, it looks like Lesnar will be remaining with the WWE.

He is on the advertisement for the WWE Day 1 2023 PPV on New Year’s Day for example.

As well as the upcoming 2023 Wrestlemania 39 billed from Hollywood, California.

The location for 2024’s Wrestlemania 40 was also just announced.

(3) WWE Clash at the Castle 2022

The main event is set for WWE’s next PPV WWE Clash at he Castle 2022.

Drew McIntyre challenges Roman Reigns for the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship.

(3) Theory

The botched attempt to cash-in his Money in the Bank briefcase reinforces Theory’s youth, but keeps the cash-in available against a babyface, perhaps Drew McIntyre unless WWE will hold off until Wrestlemania 39, should heel champion Roman Reigns lose his WWE Undisputed Universal Championship.

Despite leaving with no gold at WWE SummerSlam 2022 the company remains high on the 24 year old.

(4) Maximum Male Models

Looks like Max Dupri is back alongside sister Maxxine Dupri, who debuted on last week’s edition of Smackdown, managing the Maximum Male Models.

And, the actual models duo had a beachwear collection exhibition water and all.

Looks like WWE will continue with the tease, but curious how close or far we are from a match by the duo of Mansoor and Mace.

(5) Un-Unifying The WWE Championship / WWE Universal Championship & The Raw & Smackdown Tag Team Championships

While it may be a sign of how much little depth WWE has in its upper card (which I think is debatable with healthy talent like Kevin Owens not even on the WWE SummerSlam 2022 card) and tag team divisions (the tag team landscape is in disarray IMHO), it is not healthy or confidence building for the talent to have many of the main championships for their purported-to-be separate Raw and Smackdown brands with the titles around so few waists.

I suspect their is a plan in this regard and we may see the belts off the Bloodline at the same PPV. The question is does this happen before, during or after the 2023 Wrestlemania 39?

(6) New Talent

With Triple H now both the Head of Creative and the executive responsible for talent, it is possible we will see new or returning talent on Raw and Smackdown and possibly NXT.

With Dakota Kai back, word is that Johnny Gargano and others may be on Triple H’s wish list.

We may even see some AEW talent on WWE programming over the next year and beyond although departed WWE talent like Claudio Castagnoli FKA Cesaro, Adam Cole and others now in AEW have been signed to multi-year contracts as are (rumored to be disgruntled) home-grown AEW talent like MJF.

WWE SummerSlam Full Results

The results from the full card of WWE SummerSlam 2022 are here.

While the outcomes of the matches themselves were likely set for some time, what did you think of the first WWE PPV with Triple H as head of the WWE creative team?

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