Ralph Bakshi’s Cool World chills on Blu-ray in September

Ralph Bakshi is a legend of animation. During the ’70s when animation seemed to be a family friendly medium, Bakshi shook it up with his adaptation of R. Crumb’s Fritz the Cat. For once you had to show ID to prove you were old enough to see a talking cat on a movie screen. He followed up with Heavy Traffic, Coonskin, Wizards and his version of Lord of the Rings. In the early ’90s, Bakshi mixed his manic animation style with live action for Cool World. Gaberial Byrne plays a cartoonist who gets sucked into the world he’s drawn in his comic book. Kim Bassinger is his tempting character who wants to be a real woman in the outside world. Brad Pitt wants to maintain the boundaries. Shout! Factory is putting the movie out on Blu-ray so you can see all the strange creations bouncing around Cool World. Here’s the press release from Shout! Factory:

Cool World: Collector’s Edition 
Stylish Dark Comedy from Celebrated Animator Ralph Bakshi Makes Blu-Ray Debut Sept 13, 2022

This September, Shout! Factory will release Cool World Collector’s Edition for the first time on Blu-Ray. Directed by underground animation legend Ralph Bakshi (The Lord Of The Rings), Cool World stars a remarkable cast of Kim Basinger (L.A. Confidential), Brad Pitt (Mr. & Mrs. Smith), and Gabriel Byrne (The Usual Suspects). This hybrid animated/live-action dark comedy creates a fantasy world where human characters and animated roles coexist and showcases Bakshi’s unique and creative animation style. 

The release features a new 4k scan of the film from the original camera negative approved by Bakshi himself, as well as the new retrospective featurette “The Wild Minds of Cool World” including brand-new interviews with star Kim Basinger, director Ralph Bakshi, and producer Frank Mancuso, Jr., the film makes its Blu-Ray debut on September 13, 2022. Fans can now pre-order at ShoutFactory.com  

When ex-con cartoonist Jack Deebs (Gabriel Byrne) was behind bars, he found escape by creating Cool World, a cartoon series featuring a voluptuous vixen named Holli Would (Kim Basinger). But the ‘toonsmith becomes a prisoner of his own fantasies when Holli pulls him into Cool World with a scheme to seduce him and bring herself to life. A hard-boiled detective (Brad Pitt) – the only other human in Cool World – cautions Jack with the law: Noids (humans) don’t have sex with doodles (cartoons). The flesh proves weaker than ink, however, as Holli takes human form in Las Vegas, starting a trans-reality chase that threatens the destruction of both worlds. With a splashy mix of stylish animation and colorful live-action sequences, Cool World delivers the hottest action around! 
Bonus Features:
●      NEW 2022 4K scan from the original camera negative, approved by director Ralph Bakshi
●      NEW The Wild Minds of Cool World – A retrospective featurette including brand-new interviews with star Kim Basinger, director Ralph Bakshi, and producer Frank Mancuso, Jr.
●      Trailers                          

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