DC Comics Spoilers For Superman: Warworld Apocalypse #1 & Action Comics #1046 As Kal-El Returns?!

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DC Comics Spoilers For Superman: Warworld Apocalypse #1 and Action Comics #1046 As Kal-El Returns?!

Action Comics #1046 Spoilers follow.

Backup story art by DAVID LAPHAM
Variant cover by LEE BERMEJO
Swimsuit variant cover by STANLEY “ARTGERM” LAO
$4.99 US | 40 pages | Variant $5.99 US (card stock)

The climactic battle for the fate of Warworld is fast approaching, and the Authority is finally reunited…but no longer as allies! As Superman fights to retrieve a mythical ancient weapon that can free the people of Warworld, Natasha Irons, Midnighter, and O.M.A.C. fight for the souls of their own teammates.

Meanwhile, in the Fortress of Solitude: it’s all hands on deck as the entire Super-family joins forces to recover the Genesis fragment from one of Superman’s earliest classic enemies!

Superman is after the Fire of Olgrun to help defeat Mongul and free the slaves on Warworld.

The task was made more difficult with the last battle’s bridge destruction.

However, makes it to the gate and is greeted by a being in the form of a little girl.

She gives him a riddle to solve.

And, he does so.

Superman walks through the mystical gate to confront Olgrun.

It’s a major battle, but as Olgrun threatens his mystical “little girl” ally, Superman goes to save her.

That shows that he is of pure heart and can wield the Fire of Olgrun.

He accepts the sword and heads back only to be betrayed and greeted by Mongul.

The back-up Conduit tale, working for Amanda Waller, concludes.

Conduit is seemingly changed by the artifact after being defeated by the Superman Family.

This back-up allegedly converges with main plot in the Superman: Warworld Apocalypse #1 one-shot set to end this Warworld epic.

Superman: Warworld Apocalypse #1 Spoilers follow.

Variant cover by MARIO “FOX” FOCCILLO
1:25 foil variant cover by MIKEL JANÍN
Distressed variant cover by STEVE BEACH
$6.99 US | 56 pages | One-shot | Variant $7.99 US (card stock)

It has all led to this: the final battle between Superman and Mongul, and between the Authority and Mongul’s Unmade Champions! The identity of the hooded stranger has been revealed, uncovering a shocking betrayal that threatens to crush Superman’s rebellion forever! But as the fate of Warworld relies on Superman, the last chance to return his powers now lies with Natasha and John Henry Irons. From the visionary creative team of Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Brandon Peterson, and Will Conrad, empires fall and rise and the fourth world is reborn in this jaw-dropping final chapter!

Midnighter and OMAC, as well as the rebelling slaves, take on corrupted former Authority teammates Apollo and and Lightray.

Superman is stunned by Kryl-Ux’s betrayal which leads to a youngling being killed by Mongul!

Elsewhere, Natasha Irons unleashes the power of the alien baby on Mongul’s forces to powerful results followed by the baby’s surprising evolution?!

The main confrontation sees Superman sacrifice the power of the Fire of Olgrun to revive the hope for the future namely the child Mongul just killed leading to the final fight between Superman and Mongul.

Elsewhere, Midnighter continues to grudgingly fight his partner Apollo.

The Justice League finally arrive and intervene and even help to remove the evil influence over Apollo which they successfully do.

We also have another sacrifice in the form of Leonath of Althuril who gives his life to destroy the machine that keeps Warworld’s Phaelosian slaves, exiled Kryptonoians,  powerless.

It works granting the slaves and Superman their yellow sun fueled powers to return.

In another betrayal, Kryl-Ux betrays Mongul and kills him!

Elsewhere, OMAC works to free Lightray from her dark influences which also works, but leading to OMAC being badly injured and close to death.

Kryl-Ux explains his motivations over Mongul’s corpse and mysteriously leaves Superman and the Phaelosians to celebrate their liberation.

Kryl-Ux is shown weeks later threatening the alien regent that killed his family member

The book ends with Superman and his wife Lois Lane reunited Earth.

Next up is the Kal-El Returns arc that sees Action Comics cross-over with the Superman: Son of Kal-El series.

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