AEW Vacates AEW World Championship & AEW Trio Championships! Plans For New Champions Announced! CM Punk, The Elite & Others Suspended!

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AEW Vacates AEW World Championship and AEW Trio Championships! Plans For New Champions Announced! CM Punk, The Elite and Others Suspended!

SI reports.

…The All Out press conference revealed one of the dirtiest secrets in pro wrestling. From time to time, what happens behind the curtain is more fascinating than what takes place in the ring.

That was the case as Sunday night moved to Monday morning. CM Punk spoke at the post-match press conference and took a flamethrower to the AEW locker room, laying into fellow wrestlers, specifically Hangman Page, the company’s executive vice presidents—who are Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks’ Matt and Nick Jackson—as well as Colt Cabana. The focus of the press conference should have been on the stunning return of MJF, but that major plot line became nearly nonexistent as Punk went entirely off-script in his critiques.

Once Punk exited the press room, he exchanged words in a locker room with Omega and the Bucks, which led to a physical altercation. Punishment for that backstage fight, Sports Illustrated has learned, will include suspensions for every person involved. The list of those receiving suspensions includes Omega, Matt and Nick Jackson, Pat Buck, Christopher Daniels, Michael Nakazawa and Brandon Cutler. Multiple sources have shared that Punk and Ace Steel will either be among those suspended, or will no longer be with the company by the end of Wednesday. Punk met with AEW owner Tony Khan on Tuesday, so the two had an opportunity to discuss how that exit could be handled.

Per sources, an external third-party investigation will be conducted. Page had already left the building, Sports Illustrated learned, which explains his absence from the altercation…

To kick of AEW Dynamite September 7, 2022, AEW head Tony Khan announced the AEW World Championship and AEW Trios Championships had been vacated.

Khan also announced their plans to crown new champions.

The AEW Trios Championship would be decided on tonight’s AEW Dynamite in a match between Death Triangle and Best Friends.

While the AEW World Championship will be decided through a tournament beginning tonight based on the following brackets.

However, even if CM Punk wasn’t be disciplined for the BTS brawl, it is being reported he was “seriously” injured during his AEW All Out 2022 match against Jon Moxley with Punk requiring surgery.

Punk injury, believed to be from the tope, is serious. Rumors from Sunday but he hadn’t confirmed them but it’s been confirmed to me no matter what happens discipline-wise that the title situation has to be changed and addressed tonight.

More details on the injury for further reported as follows.

Punk hurt his arm during a dive within first 5 minutes of match with Jon Moxley.

Surgery is needed or may have already preformed on an arm muscle believed to be he triceps.

Recovery from such a surgery usually takes 8 months.

AEW Dynamite is AEW Chaos this evening.

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