Ways You Can Make Gaming Nights More Fun

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Having a game night with your friends can be a great way to bond and ensure that everyone comes together for lots of fun. However, planning such an event can be overwhelming as the responsibility falls on the shoulders of the host to ensure that everyone has a good time. If you have been tasked with such a job, do not panic as there are a few things you can do to be successful at planning this experience. 

This article will provide you with a few ways to make gaming nights more fun, so that you and your loved ones can have the time of their life. 

Play With Other People

One of the best ways to make fame nights more fun is by inviting others to play with you. There are certainly ways you can have a lonesome game night, if you play on a computer, for example. This may be ideal for the days where you need to relax, but if you are looking for fun then you will want to make sure you have the right company. When thinking about the list of people to invite to join you in your game night, you should think about quality rather than quantity, as you want to have the right people with you. Your invitees should like game night as much as you do to avoid them feeling bored. You can either do this with your friends or have a family game night, which can be just as fun and a great way of bonding.

Create a Comfortable Space

Game nights can be fairly long, especially if everyone is enjoying themselves. For this reason, you must ensure that you create an appropriate gaming space that is comfortable for the duration of the game. Decide on where the game will be set – do you have a table big enough for everyone to sit around? In these events, people are usually happy to sit on the floor as long as they have a few pillows. Even if you have a small space, there are many ways you can get creative so that your space is inviting and appropriate for game night. 

Allow No Distractions

Some game nights are pure fun and taken less seriously, whilst others can be the opposite. This will really depend on the people you have joining you and the type of vibe you are trying to create on the night. You may wish to tell everyone that distractions are forbidden. For example, phones can only be used in extremely necessary situations or during breaks. This may seem like you are being extra, but it can be easy for people to be distracted by their smart devices and social media – the point of game night is for everyone to be involved and have a good time. There are better chances of this happening if you let everyone know this. 

Have Snacks

Playing games will open quite an appetite! Considering that you and your loved ones may be playing for hours on end, it makes sense to have food and drinks ready to serve. Bear in mind, this does not mean you will have to cook a three-course meal ahead of this event. Having a diversity of snacks on a table, as well as a few drinks, should be more than enough to keep everyone’s tummies happy. 

Have Friendly Competitions 

The word competition may sound scary to some people, but it can actually bring the fun to game night more than you think. Having friendly competitions may be just what you need to spice things up. How much fun can it be to have contests with your friends? Separate the group into different teams and compete between each other. You can make it even more fun by having the loser team do something for the group, like pay for dinner next time everyone’s out together. Just make sure to reiterate to everyone that this is always friendly and ensure that no one gets too personal, as things can get heated when wins and losses are at stake. 

Decide Which Game To Play Before Game Night

There is nothing more boring than arriving at the designated place for game night without knowing what game everyone will be playing. This can be a difficult decision, especially if you have a large group of individuals, each with a different opinion and taste. Once you know that you will be hosting a game night, you should all come to a decision as to what game it will be played. If there are always heated discussions and disagreements, it may be a good idea to decide that whoever is hosting game night is responsible for deciding which game will be played. Pleasing every single person can be challenging, so aim to ensure that everyone has a good time overall, even if initially react negatively to your decision. 

Set The Rules at The Start of The Game

Even the most commonly played games result in some sort of conflict at some point during game night. Most of these are due to disagreements when it comes to the rules and how the game is played. You would be surprised at how people have different opinions and ways of playing. For this reason, the group should discuss the rules of the game before it starts to make sure that everyone is on the same page. This way, when a player loses, it will be fair, and they will be unable to claim that they were oblivious to the rules and should be given a second chance as a result. 

Designate a Team Leader or ‘Master’

A great way to ensure that everything goes smoothly during game night is by nominating someone as the team leader or as some game players like to call it ‘the master’. This person is in charge of the game, but this is more than just giving someone full power during the event – they are supposed to ensure that everyone is aware of the rules and that these are followed correctly. The master can choose whether they want to play, but it may make more sense for them to oversee what is happening instead. It may sound like it is a boring role as they are not playing per se, but they will be just as involved, and it can be just as exciting. To avoid any difficulties in deciding who should be the team leader, it may make things easier to designate whoever hosts game night as the person in charge. 

Avoid Conflicts

Avoiding conflicts should certainly be a priority if you want to ensure that game night is fun and everyone enjoys themselves. This is why things such as having a team leader to take charge of what happens as well as deciding and reminding everyone of the rules before the game starts is crucial. However, even with such systems in place, there may still be times where this can be difficult to achieve. You may also consider having a random wheel as part of your game night, to help you make decisions. You can personalize this accessory however you want so that you can input the information you want. 

Have a Theme

Did you think about having a theme for your game night? Once you know the game that you are playing, think about how the entire night will be about this. Having a theme can enhance the party significantly. A few things that you can do include decorating your place according to the game. Having food that celebrates the theme and maybe even acting in a different way. This will certainly bring all the fun and will have you deliver a game night that no one will soon forget. 

Dress Up 

Along the lines of what was discussed previously, dressing up can also take the fun to the next level. You can tell your invitees that there is a specific dress code, such as comfortable or pajamas, or to put in some effort to look good. If you decide to have a theme, as mentioned above, you may want everyone to dress up in characters according to the game or theme you have set for the night. Remember that game night is to play games, but also to have fun with your loved ones and have unforgettable moments. 

Personalize The Playing Pieces

The individuals you invite will surely appreciate the effort if you decide to personalize the playing pieces. There are occasions where players fight for which piece they want to be all night, causing the conflict you want to avoid. A good way to achieve this is by ensuring everyone has their own personal piece – everyone will be happy, and it will make you the number one game night host. 

Have a Light Game At The End of The Night

As the host, you will decide which games will be played and whether there will be more than one. Whether you play different ones or focus on one long game, you must have a plan to end the night on a positive note. This may be difficult to achieve if there is competition between the players and the game is rather heavy. Playing a light game, such as charades, for example, before everyone leaves ensures that everyone leaves happy and on good terms. 

Playing a gaming night does not have to be overwhelming and difficult. Make sure that you follow some (or all!) of the tips discussed on this page so that you bring fun to the experience and everyone enjoys themselves to the fullest.