Fan Fave Artist Tony Harris & Writer B. Clay Moore Repatriate The Whistling Skull From DC Comics For Crowdfunded Hardcover Without The JSA! Already Over 105% Over Campaign Goal With Hours To Go!


Fan Fave Artist Tony Harris and Writer B. Clay Moore Repatriate The Whistling Skull From DC Comics For Crowdfunded Hardcover Without The JSA! Already Over 105% Over Campaign Goal With Hours To Go!

The Whistling Skull

From crowdfunding site Zoop:

Zoop Presents: The Whistling Skull – Special Edition Hardcover
by Tony Harris, B. Clay Moore, Dave McCaig, Wes Abbot

The definitive edition of this out-of-print classic is here!

Originally released as a JSA Liberty Files six-issue series by DC Comics, the story has now been updated, re-establishing it as it was originally envisioned by the creators.

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In a remote village in Switzerland, the townsfolk face a terrible threat. People keep disappearing without warning or explanation, and the authorities are powerless to help. But the secret organization known as the Skeleton is aware that something sinister is going on, and they’ve dispatched their top agents to investigate: the eerie crimefighter known as the Whistling Skull!

With his assistant Knuckles at his side, the Skull can draw on the benefits of decades of crimefighting to uncover what’s happening in the village. But this is not the same hero who went on all of those adventures. The last Whistling Skull disappeared after fighting side-by-side with the heroes of his generation, and though his predecessor has the memories and skills of every man who has come before him…he’s never been on a mission before.

Can the new Whistling Skull prevail when faced with pure evil? Or will the horrors that were inflicted on the village soon spread to the entire world?…

JSA The Liberty Files The Whistling Skull DC Comics 2013

***These characters were originally brought into the DC Comics universe through the JSA Liberty Files: The Whistling Skull series, but the story has been tweaked for this Zoop campaign by Moore and Harris, re-establishing the world of the Whistling Skull (and Knuckles) as originally intended.

JSA The Liberty Files The Whistling Skull DC Comics tpb 2018


For this new collection, we’ve added some brand new characters, dialogue and lettering, and original series colorist Dave McCaig tweaked the color to guarantee the art leaps off the page the way we want it to when printed! Check it out:

The Whistling Skull preview 1 The Whistling Skull preview 2 The Whistling Skull preview 3


The Whistling Skull B Clay Moore & Tony Harris Bio

B. Clay Moore is a comic book writer who first achieved notoriety as the writer and co-creator of Hawaiian Dick, first published in 2002 by Image Comics. Since then, he has co-created Battle Hymn with Jeremy Haun, The Expatriate with Jason Latour for Image Comics and The Leading Man, also with Jeremy Haun, for Oni Press. Moore has also written for Marvel, DC, Slave Labor Graphics, Top Cow, Archie, Lion Forge, Devil’s Due and Viz, among others.

Tony Harris is a comic book artist, known for his work on series such as Starman, Iron Man and Ex Machina. He has been nominated for nineteen Eisner Awards and has won two — in 1997 for Best Penciller/Inker Team (with Wade Von Grawbadger) for Starman, and in 2005 for Best New Series (with Brian K Vaughan and Tom Fesiter) for Ex Machina.

The Whistling Skull sketches


Zoop will be working closely with the creators to make sure everything stays as on schedule as possible and rewards get delivered in timely manner. All of the files are ready for print, including the pages that were tweaked to remove the DC characters that were in the book’s previous iteration. We plan on getting all of the post-campaign data & pledges sorted in late December, and then heading to the printers at the very beginning of 2023. Printing and shipping should take around three to four months from that point, so delivery of rewards is expected to be done around May 2023.

The pandemic has shown that certain conditions are simply out of anybody’s hands. However, Zoop will always be here to communicate with backers should any delays occur, if there’s confusion about delivery, or if any other concerns pop up.

You can back the project here.

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