Top 5 IDW Publishing May 2023 Solicitations Spoilers With A Rocketeer & Lots Of Star Trek!

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Top 5 IDW Publishing May 2023 Solicitations Spoilers With A Rocketeer and Lots Of Star Trek!

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Among the IDW Publishing full May 2023 solicits we picked out our Top 5. Do you agree or disagree with the picks?

The Top 5

Star Trek #8 A Mike Feehan

(W) Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing (A/CA) Mike Feehan (VCA) Caspar Wijngaard, Rod Reis

Star Trek #8 B Caspar Wijngaard

The newly established Obsidian Council of Cardassia Prime has spoken: The time has come for Benjamin Sisko to stand trial for the atrocities he ordered and for his contributions to war crimes by the Federation during the Dominion War. Arc two of the critically acclaimed Star Trek flagship comic series continues here!

Star Trek #8 C Rod Reis

In Shops: May 17, 2023
SRP: $4.99

STAR TREK ANNUAL 2023 #1 A Rachel Stott

(W) Christopher Cantwell, Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing (A/CA) Rachel Stott (VCA) Hochreigl, Steffi, Rhys Yorke

STAR TREK ANNUAL 2023 #1 B Hochreigl, Steffi

Join the writers behind the critically acclaimed Star Trek series for an exciting romp through the history of Star Trek! The Theseus crew finally get a chance to relax. But just as everyone settles down, a strange signal comes in with a message that reads, “Mr. Scott. We have a problem. Bring help.- Jim.” Upon finding the source of the signal, the Theseus bridge crew step into a fully activated holodeck recreating the bridge of the original U.S.S. Enterprise complete with a “discovery” of some “strange new” guest stars!

STAR TREK ANNUAL 2023 #1 C Rhys Yorke

In Shops: May 31, 2023
SRP: $5.99

Star Trek Defiant #3 A Angel Unzueta with Spock

(W) Christopher Cantwell (A/CA) Angel Unzueta (VCA) Rod Reis, Louie De Martinis

Star Trek Defiant #3 B Rod Reis with B'Elanna Torres & Ro Laren

Amid a ruse gone wrong, Worf and his away team of B’Elanna Torres and Ro Laren find themselves imprisoned by Orion pirates wary of the supposed Maquis separatists. Meanwhile, in the captain’s chair of the Defiant, Spock struggles to defend the ship with Lore’s musings of chaos in his ear.

Star Trek Defiant #3 C Louie De Martinis

In Shops: May 10, 2023
SRP: $4.99

Star Trek DS9 Dog of War #2 A Angel Hernandez

(W) Mike Chen (A/CA) Angel Hernandez (VCA) Jake Bartok, Andy Price

Star Trek DS9 Dog of War #2 B Jake Bartok

As Latinum the corgi begins winning over the hearts of the DS9 crew, Quark finds his own greed-filled heart touched by the large-lobed creature. But only a fool passes up a business opportunity! Meanwhile, Sisko tests the mysterious Borg component brought aboard the station in hopes of finding a tactical advantage in the war against the Dominion.

Star Trek DS9 Dog of War #2 C Andy Price

In Shops: May 03, 2023
SRP: $4.99

Star Trek Echoes #1 A Jake Bartok

(W) Marc Guggenheim (A) Chudakov, Oleg (CA) Jake Bartok (VCA) Chudakov, Oleg

Star Trek Echoes #1 B Chudakov, Oleg

From critically acclaimed screenwriter, producer, and comics writer Marc Guggenheim comes a brand-new miniseries detailing a never-before-seen adventure from Captain Kirk and the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise!

Star Trek Echoes #1 RI artist to be identified

When a space anomaly thrusts a bounty hunter and her target-a criminal mastermind-into their universe, it’s up to Kirk and his crew to stop them from unintentionally starting a war with the Romulans and unleashing a superweapon of foreign tech onto the system. But the strangers from another universe are more familiar than they assume for underneath their helmets are their doppelgangers from an alternate reality!

Star Trek Echoes #1 RI 2 artist to be identified

In Shops: May 17, 2023
SRP: $4.99

Honourable Mention

Rocketeer #1 A Adam Hughes

(W) Danny Bilson, De Meo, Paul, Robert Windom, Kelvin Mao (A) Jae Lee, Craig Cermak (A/CA) Adam Hughes (VCA) Gabriel Rodriguez

Rocketeer #1 B Gabriel Rodriguez

It’s a wall-to-wall adventure in a trio of Rocketeer stories in this terrific all-new special!

First, the writers of the Rocketeer film, Danny Bilson and Paul De Meo, and illustrator Adam Hughes bring us a tale featuring pioneering aviator Amelia Earhart. Second, Robert Windom (Seven Sons) and Jae Lee craft a story of the Rocketeer fighting a Japanese Zero in the South Pacific. And the third entry is by Kelvin Mao (director of the Dave Stevens documentary Drawn To Perfection, and co-writer of Seven Sons) and artist extraordinaire Craig Cermak. While on a date with Betty, our man Cliff encounters a vaguely familiar adventurer/archeologist. What kind of trouble will this spell for our hero? You’ll have to grab a copy of this special one-off issue to find out!

In Shops: May 31, 2023
SRP: $4.99

Pulse Taking

That’s our top picks from IDW Publishing’s May 2023 solicitations, but what caught your eye from their offerings?

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