DC Comics July 2023 Solicitations Spoilers Sees DC Confirm Knight Terrors Event For Dawn Of DC At ComicsPro!

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DC Comics July 2023 Solicitations Spoilers Sees DC Confirm Knight Terrors Event For Dawn Of DC At ComicsPro!

Knight Terrors logo Batman Dawn of DC

DC Comics reports.


Horror Overwhelms the DC Universe This Summer in Knight Terrors

Knight Terrors #1 A Howard Porter

At today’s ComicsPRO convention, DC illuminated the “Dawn of DC” timeline to reveal its Summer event, Knight Terrors, written by Joshua Williamson (Superman) with art by Howard Porter (The Flash), Guillem March (The Joker), and more…

Knight Terrors #1 E Jason Fabok with Superman Batman Wonder Woman DC Trinity

Kicking off this July, Knight Terrors is a miniseries in which Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman find the body of one of their earliest enemies at the Hall of Justice. Their investigation takes them past the land of the living, beyond the land of the dead, into a realm of nightmares . The only way to save the world is to call for the help of an unlikely hero, Deadman.

Knight Terrors #1 B Francesco Mattina with Batman

“I love horror comics, and it’s been a blast bringing the energy to Dawn of DC. Knight Terrors showcases the horror side of our heroes as a brand-new villain confronts them with their worst nightmares,” said Joshua Williamson. “It’s a fun and horrific event that brings together all of the heroes and villains of DC, along with some surprises!”

Knight Terrors #1 C Francesco Mattina with Superman

The horror-focused event will take over the DC publishing line in July and August and will feature multiple two-issue miniseries from superstar creative teams yet to be announced. Each of the miniseries will feature a DC Super Hero or Super-Villain confronting their worst nightmares in a “Nightmare Realm.” The Superheroes better be careful, as whatever happens to them in the Nightmare Realm will also be reflected in the Waking World…

Knight Terrors #1 D Francesco Mattina with Wonder Woman

We noticed the partial Knight Terrors logo tease in DC’s Dawn Of DC 2023 Calendar a while back.

Dawn of DC 2023 schedule 2 tease Knight Terrors & Return of the JL Justice League clearer

As well as the Return of the Justice League to end 2023.

Knight Terrors logo banner

Curious how impactful and relevant Knight Terrors will be on the core DC super-hero line.

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