DC Comics & Detective Comics #1069 Spoilers & Review: Former GCPD Harvey Bullock & Jim Gordon Have A New Gig For Dawn Of DC & More!


DC Comics and Detective Comics #1069 Spoilers and Review follows.

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Former GCPD Harvey Bullock and Jim Gordon Have A New Gig For Dawn Of DC and More!

What To Expect.

Detective Comics #1069 spoilers 0-1 Evan Cagle with Batman

Written by RAM V

Backup written by SIMON SPURRIER
Variant cover by J.H. WILLIAMS III
Variant cover by IVAN REIS
1:25 variant cover by COLLEEN DORAN
1:50 foil variant cover by J.H. WILLIAMS III
$4.99 US | 40 pages | Variant $5.99 US (card stock)
ON SALE 2/28/23

Batman investigates the frozen Azmer that Mr. Freeze gave him, and makes a huge discovery about the ancient demons. Meanwhile, Azmer begin to pour into Gotham’s streets, controlling helpless people and those poor souls the city cares not for…all to do the Orghams’ bidding. Then, in the backup story, what kind of deal have the Orghams struck with Mr. Freeze, and is he also controlled by an Azmer?

In addition the main cover and solicitation above the title has a few variant covers below.

Detective Comics #1069 spoilers 0-2 JH Williams III with Batman Detective Comics #1069 spoilers 0-3 Ivan Reis with Batman Detective Comics #1069 spoilers 0-4 Colleen Doran with Batman

Detective Comics #1069 Spoilers and Review.

An injured Batman was freed by Two-Face and turns to former Gotham City Police Department (GCPD) Commissioner James “Jim” Gordon.

Detective Comics #1069 spoilers 1 Batman with Bullock & Gordon Private Investigators

He’s a private investigator with former Detective Harvey Bullock of the GCPD.

Detective Comics #1069 spoilers 2 Batman with Bullock & Gordon Private Investigators

Gordon patched Batman up and noted that he kept his mask on when he did it.

Detective Comics #1069 spoilers 3 Batman with Bullock & Gordon Private Investigators

He also wonders how long Batman can do what he is doing considering the damage being done to his body and possibly mind.

Detective Comics #1069 spoilers 4 Batman with Bullock & Gordon Private Investigators

Gordon reveals something his daughter discovered about the tunnels under Gotham City.

Detective Comics #1069 spoilers 5 Batman with Bullock & Gordon Private Investigators

Gordon is sipping alcohol and wonders if he’s talking to himself and thinks Batman probably left already like he usually does in silence.

Detective Comics #1069 spoilers 6 Batman

However, Batman was listening and appears to feel sad for the state of the former GCPD Commissioner.

Detective Comics #1069 spoilers 7 Batman

Batman visits Barbara Gordon, the Oracle and a Batgirl of Gotham City, to learn more about these tunnels under Gotham City.

Detective Comics #1069 spoilers 8 Batman

Batgirl, Cassandra Cain, is investigating them, but it seems Socks has been imprisoned down there.

Detective Comics #1069 spoilers 9 Batman

She escapes and is injured in the attempt.

Detective Comics #1069 spoilers 10 Batman

An injured Socks is confronted by Solomon Grundy to end the issue, but is he foe or friend or something else?

Detective Comics #1069 spoilers 11 Batman

The back-up involves Mister Freez and his captive Annabel Mead.

Detective Comics #1069 spoilers 12 Batman

Looks like he plans to freeze her, but the cryogensis is likely to cause her brain damage.

Detective Comics #1069 spoilers 13 Batman

As she is frozen, and even before then, she hears a tune and as she goes under she is confronted by something called Earworm, but is this real or a sign of that hinted brain damage?

The Pulse.

An action-packed, page-to-page, main story and back-up satisfying read. The art was also great, but its the character moments between the action that really worked well. I am intrigued. 8 out of 10.

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